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Fashion Sunglasses 2008

The course is in the sun!

Every year in Paris there is an exhibition Silmo, whereThe leading manufacturers of glasses come to their own Fashion Week. Here you can see the most notable achievements of the industry and future trends. At the last exhibition of Silmo it became clear that the ways of clothes and accessories differed slightly. If the "big fashion" says goodbye with bright colors and brilliant details, changing them to strictness and restraint, and the main colors of the season promise to become gray, white and black, accessories are meant to become just that bright spot that the neoclassical image should revitalize. Therefore, the color spectrum of sunglasses will be more restrained and traditional, and compensate for it will be an abundance of matte and brilliant contrasts, rich exquisite finish and metallic luster. This year, everything can be called fashionable: refinement, romanticism in the spirit of the 50's and 60's, and calm lines, and aggressive futuristic models.


Sunglasses have increased and nowClose the greater half of the face. In the fashion rounded forms of the 60's and increased glasses in the style of neo-hippies. Particularly should be highlighted the most popular form of the season - glasses in the style of "aviator." In the form of sunglasses 2008, we can state an undoubted and complete victory of the retro: if in the collections of medical devices the leading positions were unexpectedly taken by small round horn-shaped glasses in the spirit of the beginning of the last century (however, they are still worn by metrosexuals only, and the others are only admiring) Sunglasses leaders undoubtedly are exaggerated large, streamlined forms in the spirit of the 50 - 60s of last century. In many collections there are direct repetitions of models, which were hits half a century ago. In many collections there were glasses-masks, as much as lightened, and massive enough. As for sports-style glasses, they for a time left fashion-collections, remaining only in their youth versions. But it can not be said that the forms of the new season are a simple repetition of the passed: new technologies allow a sophisticated game of volumes, in which there are openings between the rim and the lens, the lens can be defended from the rim or held at two three points. Also today, designers widely use contrast reception between a thin frame and massive temples and vice versa.

Of what, from what ...

The basic requirements for materials forSunglasses - hypoallergenic, lightness and plasticity. And the materials that meet these requirements are the most popular. These are cellulose acetate, nickel-free alloys, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, materials based on hypoxide resins. The rim of the finest plastic with the perforation of the initials of the brand is the season trend. For sports glasses such plastics as grillamide or Kevlar are used. New technologies allow wider use of natural materials: skin and wood. So Grand at the Paris optical exhibition Silmo not so long ago won a completely wooden frame - a masterpiece of combined efforts of design and technology. Combinations of different materials are widely used. Perhaps, the trend of the season can be called a triumph of the skin. Models in which it was somehow used, appeared in almost all collections.


According to the general fashion trend, sunscreensGlasses in the new season have virtually abandoned the chemical colors, giving preference to the classical color scheme: black, brown, gray. But at the same time fashionable women are allowed to wear glasses with lenses, tinted in pink and purple colors, this is very important in this season. To compensate for the relative monochromism in color, designers widely use contrast and alternation of dull and shiny colors, give a metallic gleam to the skin or vice versa, "soften" the radiance of the metal making its surface rough: a subtle game on the verge of perception by different senses, from vision to tactile sensations. Widely used colors, imitating animal skins or snake skin. This often reproduces not only the picture, but also the texture. Still in print, prints resembling patterns on fabric, but they have become more restrained and less multicolored.

Details solve everything!

Designers especially paid attention to decorativeDetails. To decorate the rim of the glasses, they used inserts of precious metals, rhinestones and curly braces. In addition, in new collections, manufacturers did not hesitate to use bright, almost unexpected color combinations. Very fashionable in this season was a noble combination of golden and brown colors. If you decide to get sunglasses in gold or gold-rimmed frames, pay attention: the most stylish look models with large glasses, brown fading and small arms. Tanned skin and a little rosy blush - you will be irresistible! Despite the general desire for restraint, the finish of glasses remains rich and varied, still not limited to the surface of the temples and grasping the frame or even lenses. Lay out drawings of rhinestones, using mother of pearl and pearls. One of the leading trends, as well as for collections of medical frames, are openwork temples, which sometimes resemble baroque grilles or forged patterns in the spirit of Art Nouveau. In many collections the idea of ​​openwork led to the appearance of medallions inserted in the middle of the temples: as a rule, inside these medallions is a logo - still the main decoration of sunglasses. Laser engraving technologies are widely used for the application of logos or exquisite patterns. Do not go out of fashion metal applications, which look particularly impressive on the dark plastic black and brown colors. Points of fashion collections are more like jewelry, which, of course, emphasizes their exclusivity.

It's not a secret for anyone that the details are decided by everyone, butBecause many attach great importance to accessories in creating their own style. Today we can safely say that glasses have become one of the main accessories of the season. The fashion of the twenty-first century is so democratic that it allows both amateurs of glamor, sports fans, and minimalists to express their individuality.

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