/ How to choose a swimsuit. How to choose the perfect swimsuit, hiding the flaws of the figure, photo

How to choose a swimsuit for the shape. How to choose the perfect swimsuit, hiding the flaws of the figure, photo


We emphasize the dignity of the shortcomings: choose the right swimsuit
Choose the perfect swimsuit for a small chest

We emphasize the advantages, we hide the shortcomings: choose the right swimsuit

Swimsuit you need to choose, as they say, "withFeeling, with sense, with the arrangement. " He, like any other clothing, can advantageously emphasize your dignity, and can expose the gaze of vacationers all the shortcomings, adding a couple more "gifts" in the form of extra pounds and distorted proportions of the figure. Therefore, it's best to choose a swimsuit based on the characteristics of your figure.

So, for example, if you have a short neck orDouble chin, then your ideal option is a swimsuit with a large V-neck. You can buy a swimsuit without straps, but this option is categorically contraindicated to the owners of a magnificent bust.

Swimwear hiding the flaws of the figure: photo

Wide shoulders are not such a big problem asIt seems to you: this lack in any swimsuit is almost invisible. And yet, if your shoulders seem too wide for you, then choose a swimsuit with a low V-neck or a large round neckline. Suits and a swimsuit with a collar-clamp.

But with narrow shoulders is more difficult. The swimsuit exposes this lack of a female figure "in all its glory." To solve the problem, a model with widely spaced straps is ideal. You can also visually hide this lack with the help of color dissonance: the upper part of the swimsuit should be lighter than the lower one, and the figure or details located diagonally.

Broad hips and big belly, perhaps the mostCommon defect. But to panic and make a complex from scratch is not worth it - everything can be fixed! The secret of creating a proportional figure in this case is very simple: you need to focus on the top of the leotard. For example, it should be brighter in color and have a pattern, while the bottom one - with vertical details or monochrome. Also fit diagonal stripes, which should converge on the abdomen or hips.

If you have small height or short legs, thenThe bikini is definitely not for you. The best option is a swimsuit with vertical lines and high-cut panties (unless, of course, you are not the owner of wide hips). If you combine this swimsuit with open shoes with high heels, you will visually increase your growth.

Choose the perfect swimsuit for a small chest

The main rule to remember when choosingA swimsuit for a small chest, is that the bodice should sit on it like a glove, ideally fitting in size. Look great busts with low cutouts, especially, saturated, bright colors. The ideal version of a swimsuit for a small chest is a contrasting combination of light top with a dark bottom. In the classical style, you can dress white with black, although to a white bodice any rich shade of swimming trunks will suit. Those who prefer the merging models, it is better to choose light and dark colors, smoothly passing one into another.

Visually increase the breast and help swimwearPush-up. Some models visually raise the breast thanks to a special cut, others - thanks to gel inserts, which, if desired, can be removed. Very stylish and unusual look push-up swimsuits in retrostyle and kits on bones and with dense cups of juicy, flashy colors, decorated with embroidery and unusual appliques.

Extra volume bust attached and bodicesA leotard with a lobster, draperies, folds, ruffles. There are quite appropriate bows and volumetric florets, especially if they decorate not only the edge, but the whole cup in a swimsuit.

Another version of the swimsuit, which increases the breast- Narrow top strapless. This style is called a bando. By the way, the owner of a small bust should give preference to straps that are tied around the neck, or a little ball around the neck, coming from the center of the chest.

Do not hesitate to the proportions of your figure, including a small chest! Remember, you always look attractive when you yourself feel your beauty and irresistibility.

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