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Knee high boots

By the way, the very word "boots" literally translates as "strong boots".

In the revolutionary sixtiesThe ideas of women's emancipation encroached on this purely masculine element of the wardrobe, and then the boots became provocative and simultaneously delightful women's shoes. When the miniskirt, invented in those years, was added to them, the male half of the planet was overwhelmed by this new secret weapon. Not without reason, the girlfriend of the legendary James Bond soon dressed in boots. The eighties brought with them a second boom for super-high boots. Then the boots and have acquired a hint of obscenity. The organizers of underground erotic shows in Europe used in their outfits their corsets aggressive styles, garters, tight overalls and jackboots on a very thin and high heels. The reputation of the sex fetish quickly attracted the women of commercial sex, and they all changed their shoes into jackboots.

The former notoriety of the botfort cast decisiveAn imprint on the opinion of modern serious ladies about this topical footwear. Meanwhile, with their help it is possible to emphasize the figure, demonstrate the beauty of the thighs and hide the common shortcomings of the shin form.

This season, boots should not be wornOnly with mini, but also with midi skirts, dresses, shorts of very different lengths and even with leggings or narrow jeans! In this case, it's important not to overload the silhouette. To the complex, pick up simple monophonic jackboots made of elegant thin leather, and to the simple side, on the contrary, get a sample of daring colors and textures with pockets, rivets, zippers, buttons, rhinestones, unusual prints, inserts from creative materials.

When creating your own eye-poppingImage take on arms models proposed by eminent fashion creators. For example, the boots of Enzo Logana made of golden beige leather with high black heels and the same sole were combined with ultra-short olive shorts and coffee top.

Another version of the silhouette for this model was a beige-olive silk short dress strapless with a belt made of a material similar to the metallized leather boots.

Black Boots «Christian Louboutin» withNumerous golden rivets of an acute shape, wide mouths and on a solid sole form a stylish ensemble with tight black trousers, a turtleneck and volumetric lacquer bag, not overloaded with details. Here works the rule: the universal classic always looks winning along with the actual accessories.

"Gucci" offers a simple cut of blackBoot-stockings in perfect combination with gloves. Such splendor looks great with fashionable now coats with short sleeves. However, "Gucci" wears his model in a bohemian gray overcoat with two pairs of pockets and a black belt with a gold buckle buttoned under the breast. And on top of one of the gloves calls to put on an exquisite massive bracelet made of metal and large stones of rich color.

Black boots made of reptile skin «Patrizia Pepe»On a low stable heel are comfortable for daily wear and perfectly combined with narrow leather or silk trousers, as well as jeans. Silhouette can be made more feminine and spicy with the help of an elegant blouse of light color with ruches and even a frill. If you prefer flashy boots like the serpent yellow-gray boots from Christian Louboutin with a sharp toe and high hairpin, then this one is best suited for a monotonous little dress of black or the same gray color as the one used in the boots.

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