/ / Fashionable women's pants 2016, review of current models. Photos of the most fashionable women 's trousers.

Women's fashion trousers 2016, a review of current models. Photos of the most fashionable women 's trousers.

Current models of women's pants 2016

Let's start our fashion review with a model that alwaysActual - classic trousers. Cut these trousers straight, length to the bone on the ankle. As a rule, on classic trousers there are no superfluous details, such as cuts or notches, various overlays. Small pockets and small lapels are allowed. In the spring of 2016, both classical trousers with pressed arrows and models without arrows will be fashionable. Also popular will be shortened models, and wide trousers.

By the way, about shortened women's pants - theyIs still in the trend. In 2016, shortened skinny, trousers with lapels and elongated breeches will remain relevant. A huge plus is that it's not necessary to spend money on buying shortened trousers - you can simply roll up the trousers of your favorite pair. As for fashionable breeches, in 2016 their length can be different and vary from the middle of the calf and up to the knee. In addition, this season for breeches there are no restrictions either on color or on cut. So you can safely choose and monophonic breeches, and trousers in a cage, and stripes, and even breeches of motley colors.

Among the favorites of 2016 will be the so-loved onesMany women of fashion skinny. In addition to the "classic" monotonous narrow trousers, actual will also be shortened models and skinny in bright colors and unusual prints.

Wide women's pants - the main trend of 2016

But still the most fashionable version of women's pants in2016 will be wide pants. And all possible variations of this model will be actual: pants flares, bananas, sail trousers, trousers, and even fashionable "hybrids" - dress-pants and trousers-skirt. To connect the two tendencies of 2016 simultaneously, buy wide trousers with a high waist.

Pants flared, so popular in the 70's, today again in a trend. The most popular will be models with a clasp from the hip and pants flared from the waist. Under them it is best to choose shoes with high heels.

Sunglasses will be an ideal option forHot summer 2016. Choose models with a waist on a lace or on an elastic band, a material easy - silk, linen, an organza. Combine these pants can be with sports shoes, and with shoes on the heel, and with sandals, and with sandals.

Bananas - wide pants, tapering down, also in the trend. Especially stylish with long bananas will look open boots with laces and sandals with an open toe.

As for dress-pants, then in 2016Popular models will be made of flowing fabric - silk, lace, chiffon, thin crepe and delicate guipure. Stylish trousers-skirts in 2016 may be with an overestimated or understated waist. The decor is minimal, because the main bet in this style is done on cut and clean lines. True, the presence of beautiful fittings and large patch pockets this year is only welcomed.

Well, at last, remember that it is not so importantFashionable style, how much suitable to you the cut of trousers. Choose pants that perfectly emphasize the features of your figure. And the best color option will always be neutral black, which due to its neatness and unsurpassed style can be combined with various scarves, shoes and bags.

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