/ / Fashionable women's skirts 2015. Actual styles and colors of women's skirts 2015, photo.

Fashionable women's skirts 2015. Actual styles and colors of women's skirts 2015, photo.

Fashion skirts 2015: a review of popular models

In the coming spring-summer season, the leadingPositions occupied women's skirts in retro style: the sun and a half-sun, a bell, a year, a trapeze and a flap. They are characterized by a combination of different materials in terms of density and a multicolored palette. In addition, in most models of skirts in retro style, an overstated waist, which, by the way, perfectly adjusts the figure visually.

Popular will be skirts with an alternative option - the usual waist, underlined by a thin belt. As for the length, then in the trend, the retro skirts of skirts are midi long.

Eternal classics - a pencil skirt is also fashionableWear in that spring-summer season. Designers advise to combine it with tucked shirts and blouses. No less popular in 2015 will be knitted skirts.

One of the main trends for stylish skirtsThis season become multi-layer. So, many designers used several different in color, but identical in texture fabrics, creating a color fade, or combined dense and light materials.

Summer 2015 will be a golden time forLong skirts made of airy thin fabrics. Popular models in the floor are represented by two main styles - A-shaped and direct silhouettes. Fashionable will be long skirts made of lace, chiffon, flax. Characteristic for the summer skirts of 2015 will be cuts, asymmetric design of the hem, multilayered. And, of course, this summer, ladies can not do without short bright mini.

Fashionable skirts 2015: the most current colors and materials

By the brightness of the colors and the variety of possiblePrints, fashionable skirts of the upcoming spring-summer season have surpassed any other clothes. Red, gold, green, pink, indigo, khaki - all shades and not list! Many models with catchy geometric patterns, animalistic prints, floral motifs and an unchanged cage. Next to such evocative colors and patterns, skirts of simple natural colors are absolutely comfortable. Classic black, non-brown brown, mouse gray, deep blue - those colors, without which one can not imagine the fashionable business style skirts of 2015.

As for the materials, in the spring of 2015, skirts made of leather, wool, knitted knitwear, and shawls should be preferred. In summer, they will be replaced by light variants of silk, chiffon, lace, flax.

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