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Mini skirt: what shoes to wear

You can replace the flip-flops with tennis shoes. They are also well suited for everyday outings in mini. However, you need to be more careful: give preference to modernized options that look miniature and feminine. If you like sneakers, then you also need to know the measure: for example, Converse's beloved teenagers will bring only an annoying urban note to the look.

Nothing will emphasize long beautiful legs,Like shoes on a wedge. Here, fantasy should not have borders, except for one moment: it must necessarily be sandals that open the view of well-groomed fingers. Closed shoes will look too cumbersome for a short skirt. In general, the choice of sandals is huge: with straps, strings, lined with fabric, leather, modest or bohemian luxurious.

Contrary to the prevailing opinion that shoes withoutHeels "weight" the legs, with a mini-skirt will look beautiful ballet flats, or, as they say in the people, Czechs. If you manage to find stylish, unfashionable, even modest "slippers" and combine them with a casual skirt, then an elegant, feminine look is provided. Look also at models made of golden or silvery skin.

Those who do not like walking without heels canPut on shoes with heels - "glasses." Being comfortable enough, they look easy and cute. Wicker, smooth, with straps, bright or even transparent - this season will not be bored.

Well and the present stamp for last time becameMini-skirt in a company with high boots. On heels or without, above the knee or just below, with a zip or solid, such boots are best combined with a mini, especially in rainy summer weather. But even here you have to be cautious: if you go too far with a flashy design and color, instead of a sexy lady, you can get a girl of free morals from a well-known street in the center of Moscow.

Now about what kind of shoes for mini-loversNeed to be afraid. Firstly, shortened boots. There are two options: either they make your legs too thick or too thin. Such shoes, even beautiful legs visually make bulky and clumsy, and the thin will look like a pencil in a glass.

"Stiletto" with thick oblong noses, likeWould not look great together with trousers, with a mini-skirt look frankly pathetic. Here the same comparison is born, as with high boots. "Stiletto" makes us more sexual, and for this reason does not necessarily have to wear a super-short skirt. Too good - this, as you know, is also not good.

Well and at last the next warning aboutShoes on the platform. If you want to wear a mini, then put this shoe on the furthest shelf, since its heavy weight has nothing to do with the ease and weightlessness of most mini skirts.

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