/ What to bring to the beach. Which beach accessories will be fashionable in the summer of 2015, photo.

What to bring to the beach. Which beach accessories will be fashionable in the summer of 2015, photo.


Fashionable beach accessories 2016
Beach must-have: what to bring to the beach

Fashionable beach accessories 2016

The summer season of 2015 is declared a periodLight silhouettes and flowing tissues. This trend is clearly seen in the latest collections of beach dresses, tunics and pareos. Without them, something on the beach just can not do. This summer, stylists are advised to select "outerwear", perfectly in harmony with the coloring and style of the leotard. So, in the trend of pareo and dresses, decorated with floral, geometric and animalistic prints. And, of course, there will be actual bright single-tone models. If we talk about the styles of the "top" beachwear, then the usual shawls like pareos, and elegant tunics and lace dresses will be fashionable.

What to take to the beach

What to bring to the beach

What to take to the beach
How to choose a swimsuit full of women: tips and review of current models

If only you do not have an ideal body, then the problemChoosing the right swimsuit worried you more than once. It is especially problematic to choose a swimsuit for those women whose parameters far exceed the accepted standards of beauty. From our article you will find out which swimsuits are suitable for women and which models will be relevant in the summer of 2015.

Beach vacation is unthinkable and without sun protectionPoints that are always among the top summer accessories. In this season, designers are advised to choose massive glasses in plastic frames, large rectangular models, cat eyes and mirror aviators. In the trend are also frames, decorated with all kinds of prints, which can be selected in the tone of the patterns of the swimsuit.

Fashionable summer makeup 2015: a topical makeup for the beach

A real woman wants to always stayStylish and compelling. That's why many beauties do not represent their beach vacation without spectacular make-up. But in makeup, as in fashion, the main trends change rapidly from season to season. On what kind of beach makeup will be relevant in the summer of 2015, you can learn from our article.

Individual. Popular will be knitted bags in different versions: it can be a basket without a top, a backpack or a simple wide bag. Fashionable bags will become fashionable in the summer of 2015. The most relevant materials for making bags this season: denim, linen, plashevka, nylon. In the trend, the classic is stretched to the horizontal or vertical of the bag, and from the new - bags in the form of a barrel or a trapezoid.

Fashionable swimwear summer 2015: review of current models

Summer is not far off, and with it a long-awaited vacationon the sea. If this summer you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach, then you definitely need to get a pair of three swimsuits, relevant in the coming season. But what kind of models and styles will be fashionable in the summer of 2015, as well as swimsuits of what colors and prints will be a hit of the next season you will learn from our article.

Beach must-have: what to bring to the beach

In addition to your favorite swimsuit, stylish pareo, good sunglasses and a comfortable bag with you to the beach, you should definitely take:

  • Cream for sunburn or for sunburn. Do not neglect the use of protective creams. Sunbathing is useful only in the early morning hours and in the afternoons, and even then, short-term. Sun rays adversely affect the skin, destroy its elasticity and provoke aging. Avoid these problems will help sunblock. It is better to choose a cream with an SPF filter of at least 30.
  • Mat. Of course, there are well-maintained beaches with umbrellas and deckchairs, but they are not everywhere, and most often for each of the amenities you have to pay. And there are cases where you just want to lie on the sand away from the benefits of civilization. Be sure to take a special beach mat with it, it is very easy to fold into a small handbag and it is quite light and compact.
  • On the beach, you should always take a hat, for example, a hat with enough wide margins to help you avoid a heat stroke, and also cover your face and neck from the sun.
  • Do not forget to bring a towel, and even better two. One of them will serve you as a pillow, and the second you can wipe after bathing or hide behind, if you suddenly freeze.
In search of the perfect swimsuit: how to choose the right swimsuit

Want this summer to produce a stunningImpression on the beach? Then, before buying a new swimsuit, be sure to read our article on how to choose it correctly. Also you will find out what color swimsuit solutions help to visually correct the flaws of the figure and what style of swimsuit is suitable for your body.

Also do not forget about clean water, useful snacks and a couple of interesting magazines. All this will help you to spend time on the beach pleasantly and with benefit.

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