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How to choose the right shoes for children - the main criteria

Choosing children's shoes often puts parents indead end. What is worth paying more attention to? Someone prefers natural materials. Other moms and dads in the first place put only the design performance and fit the size. Is there a "golden" mean? What are the main criteria for choosing children's shoes?

Basic criteria for choosing children's shoes

Leading orthopedists say that there is nothing difficult to choose a shoe for a baby. The main thing is to be guided by the principle of high quality and convenience.
It's a good idea to go shopping together with a child, since each person's foot is individual. Such approach will allow to find the optimal model, corresponding:
  • The required size;
  • Lifting height;
  • Completeness of foot.
You do not need to buy a model for a couple of sizes larger. Today is not the time when you have to stand for hours in kilometer queues to buy children's shoes. If the product is large, it is not recommended to wear it. A foot in not the size of a large shoe can not be normally fixed. The leg will hang and slide, resulting in the baby will be uncomfortable.

It is equally important to give up buying children's shoes back to back. You can not call this option convenient. Such models will squeeze fingers, rub and cause discomfort to the gentle heels.
Choosing children's shoes, you need to find the optimalthe size. This is considered a product in which between the nose and fingers remains about 15 mm. If it's winter shoes, then the availability of free space will create a kind of thermal layer. If this is a summer model, freedom of shoes will provide comfort, since the stop can become somewhat swollen from the heat. In addition, these 15 mm allow you to wear shoes longer, because the baby's leg is constantly growing.

Quality materials - a guarantee of comfort and safety

Another important indicator that leading orthopedists recommend to consider when choosing shoes for a baby is the quality of the materials used to create the model.
It is recommended to bet on natural fabrics or synthetic, environmentally friendly options that have passed the certification procedure. Quality materials provide:
  • Water resistance;
  • comfort;
  • Maintaining a constant level of temperature inside the shoes;
  • Protection from wind.
In addition, these materials provide a "breath" of the foot skin. Thanks to this, the legs do not sweat and do not freeze.
Among the many modern manufacturers, not every brand offers children's shoes made of quality materials. An excellent lineup is represented by a trademark Nordman from Russia.
Domestic producer offers to kidsBright dummies, practical boots in modern execution, warm snowboots EVA and comfortable boots. For example, winter dummies LUMI are created from a material that has undergone special treatment with water-repellent impregnation. At the same time, the color performance of the models amazes with its variety and color.

If external materials do not allow penetrationMoisture inside the shoe, the heat is provided by the insole and the inner trim made of fur. That is why the pedicel during the winter walks will definitely be warm and cozy in such dents. Special attention is paid to the sole. There is not a drop of glue in it and not a single seam. This sole will last a very long time.

Convenience is the leading criterion when choosing shoes for a child

Comfort, convenience and safety are not empty sounds for caring parents choosing shoes for their child. In many ways comfort is provided by proper fixation of the foot in the chosen model.
Each model for the child must be equipped withQuality and reliable fixing elements. The optimal solution will be lightning and Velcro. If they are standard fasteners, then they should be working: it is easy to unfasten and fasten.

Parents who choose shoes with velcro shouldRemember: this is less durable, but the most comfortable option. Velcro will allow you to teach your child to be independent, because now he can go for a walk without the help of adults. Domestic brand Nordman even suggested children felt boots With velcro and double zippers. They provide maximum comfort and convenience for both the child and parents. Now all the difficulties with the removal of shoes after a long winter walk in the past.
Accounting for all of the above criteria when choosing children's shoes will make a purchase that will ensure the health and comfort of your baby.
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