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Clothes by the signs of the zodiac. The color and style of clothing on the signs of the zodiac, 60 photos.

Fond of astrology and adhere toRecommendations of weekly horoscopes? "Then it's time to inspect your wardrobe and find out what kind of clothing is suitable for you, and what things are better to refuse." Astrologers insist on the inextricable link between the zodiacal constellations and fashion. Listen to the advice of the stars - and luck will surely smile at you!

Aries: sport is our everything!

Representatives of this zodiacal constellationGravitate to the sporting style in the wardrobe. The motto of Aries: no constraint, maximum movement! Such people will always prefer comfortable, not constraining the freedom of movement of things, too tight, tight silhouettes. Their constant love is used by sneakers - they are ready to combine them not only with jeans and sports suits, but also with dresses or strict trousers. And of all the colors of clothing on the signs of the zodiac Aries will prefer the fiery red and other bold shades, abandoning the delicate, pastel halftones. This is not surprising: in the heavenly patrons of this sign is a militant aggressive Mars!

Taurus: vivat svidu, silk and cashmere!

Good, good fabrics for Taurus - always inPriority. They love to choose things "feel". Although Taurus does not forget about this and the feeling of style. In addition, this sign of the zodiac, like Aries, greatly appreciates comfort and comfort. Therefore, for each day, the Taurus will choose soft, voluminous sweaters, comfortable tweed suits and loose knitted dresses. From the color palette, preference is given to gray, beige, pink and blue shades.

Gemini: more fashionable and unusual!

What clothes for the zodiac signs fit the Twins? - First of all, fashionable and original! In addition, the representatives of this constellation will always appreciate the unconventional, free cut and interesting prints, giving preference to trendline in this season of geometry and always the actual cell. Among the favorite things are jackets and blazers. In the color scheme, Gemini tends to a warm palette. Their favorite shades are sand, light brown and sunny yellow.

Cancers: elegant neformat

The style of clothing by the signs of the zodiac is not an empty phraseFor Cancers, who above all appreciate the simplicity, elegance and restraint of classics and vintage direction. They are a bit old-fashioned, but they skillfully draw this flaw into their "zest". Cancers - not one that breaks a head, follow the heels of a capricious fashion. Clothing from representatives of this constellation can be in years in a wardrobe and at the same time not to leave the list of favorites. In the color range, Raki are real conservatives. Their favorite colors are basic black, white and gray. Although astrologers recommend not to dwell on a monochrome palette and boldly dilute it with juicy purple and emerald hues.

Lions: expensive and tasteful

Lions are the most fastidious in clothing zodiac sign. Their wardrobe must necessarily consist of expensive bright, shiny and shocking things. Lions adore expensive natural furs, jewelry and clothing of leading fashion houses. Their favorite style is glamor. At the same time, an innate sense of taste prevents the Lions from crossing an invisible line between bright images and kitsch. Favorite colors of clothing for zodiac signs for Lviv - Burgundy, royal purple, indigo and warm yellow-orange scale.

Virgo: always in a trend

To keep up with fashion - the main principle of the Dev whenSelection of wardrobe. They adore all trend, but they do not like to spend a lot on branded things. Mass-market - their element. Of all the variety of prints, the Virgin prefers a shallow pattern - whether it's geometric patterns, polka dots or "crow's feet". But over the style of this sign of the zodiac would not hurt to work: too much for Dev overstated requirements for clothing, and the desire to spend good money on quality things - absolutely not.

Scales: a sense of style - in everything

Scales can always be recognized by an irreproachableStylish and trendy image. Astrologers believe that the representatives of this star sign - an innate sense of style and impeccable taste. Scales prefer to combine the latest trends with comfort and freedom - you are unlikely to see them in tight or uncomfortable outfits. The color of the clothing of the zodiac sign Libra - all the bedding shades.

Scorpions: shocking as a way of life

Bright, memorable and sometimes shockingSurrounding images - a favorite "chip" of the Scorpions. They will not allow themselves to leave the house, not dressed up as "not like everyone else." Fashionable examples for them - Anna Dello Russo and Lady Gaga. And from the brands they will most likely prefer Moschino. In this case, even in the most bizarre outfit representatives of this sign of the zodiac manage to observe the fashionable canons. Favorite Scorpions palette - bright colors and bold prints.

Sagittarius: fashionable excess

Sagittarians, like the Scorpios, adore bright and brightdress. But, alas, they do not always manage to observe the measure in their images. What clothes for the zodiac signs surely like Sagittarius? - Unusual cut dresses and costumes, uncommon models, which hardly anyone will dare to try on, except Sagittarius. Although in the color gamut, astrologers suggest that they still prefer quiet colors - blue, burgundy ... at worst, canonical red. And the best way to maintain a balance in the image is to choose one bright accent, shading them with the neutral color palette of the outfit.

Capricorns: stylish conservatism

"How dandy London dressed ..." - so you can sayAbout Capricorn. They adore strict, classical style. Restraint and aristocratism of images is the main difference of Capricorn from other signs of the zodiac. Mix of male images with feminine classic dresses - their wardrobe is full of surprises, but invariably stylish and impeccable. The ideal color for the sign of the zodiac for Capricorn - black, gray, green and brown.

Aquarius: think outside the box

Originality and non-trivial stylish solutions inImage - the true signs that before you Aquarius. Representatives of this zodiac constellation adore fashion experiments on the verge of a foul, but at the same time manage to remain a model of good taste. Astrologers recommend using Aquarians in their wardrobe items of all shades of blue and green, as well as powdery pink.

Fish: out of fashion stereotypes

The words "fashion" and "trend" are alien to Pisces. Much more they value comfort in clothing. Their wardrobe is always full of cozy things like knitted cardigans and sweaters, comfortable jeans and ordinary shirts. Fish like to choose clothes for the mood, regardless of whether it's in fashion today or not. In shades, this sign of the zodiac gives preference to calm, discreet colors.

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