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Tooth Fairy. How to Motivate a Child to Care for Teeth

This unusual fairy-tale character was born at the endXIX century in Spain. Writer Louis Coloma wrote a story about the tooth fairy and the mouse Peres for the little Spanish king Alfonso XIII, who lost his first milk tooth. Since then, the legend of the tooth fairy has been gaining popularity all over the world, because it is a wonderful motivation for the child to carefully and regularly care for teeth, as well as an ingenious way to reverse the negative impressions of tooth loss with a magical mood and anticipation of the gift.

According to legend, tooth fairies build the castle of their queenOnly from healthy teeth, which the children carefully courted, and bad teeth go to the construction of the pavement. And of course, for healthy teeth, fairies bring little presents or a reward more important. Undoubtedly, it is worthwhile to observe a reasonable balance in order not to encourage the child to part with the teeth ahead of time for the sake of material gain.
Many parents write letters on behalf of a tooth fairy withA detailed description of how to properly brush your teeth to children. Having fulfilled all the conditions, the child can count on the visit of the magic character. Sometimes fairies send ready-made cards to children, which are convenient to store in the bathroom and daily mark all items of requirements for oral hygiene.
To facilitate the process of exchange of a tooth for a giftOr a reward, you can make a tooth box, box or toothpaste with a tooth pocket - after all, "fairy" is not very convenient to look for a tooth at night under the pillow on which the child is sleeping.
In advance, explain to the baby that the fairy is not alwaysArrives directly in the night after a tooth loss, so as not to disappoint the child in case of force majeure. And, of course, closely follow the events in order to inform the fairy in time about the need for a visit.
Teeth in children begin to change at 5-8 years, andThe use of material remuneration at this age is not always justified. Perhaps a child will be much more happy with a small gift, for example, connected with the care of teeth.
Decide in what way will developThe relationship of the fairy fairy and the child, of course, to the parents. The main thing is that it brings joy and pleasure to all the participants of the action and becomes for the kid a pleasant memory of childhood.
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