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How to assemble a child into a kindergarten: A complete list of what to take with you for the first time

The first trip of the baby to the kindergarten turns aroundStress not only for crumbs, but for parents. Mummies and daddies, probably day and night are tormented by the question: what is it necessary for a child to take with him to kindergarten? What accessories will he need right away, and what later? To help parents, we, together with Yandex.Market, compiled a complete list of necessary things.


When choosing clothes and its quantity, be guided by the age of the baby. The older the child, the less clothes he needs.
Children 1.5 - 4 years old must take with them:
  • 3-5 pairs of panties, shirts and tights (if the child has not yet become friends with the pot, he may need a change of linen);
  • 1-3 T-shirts (in case the baby sweats or gets dirty);
  • Changeable shorts or trousers / skirts (1 - 3 pcs.);
  • Light blouse;
  • warm sweater;
  • 3-4 pairs of socks;
  • Change (slippers or sandals);
  • Pajamas from the flannel (in the off-season, several pieces are needed);
  • Czechs or ballet shoes for sports;
  • Summer hat or panama (for protection from the sun during summer walks);
  • Jacket and rubber boots (They will be useful in rainy weather).

The main requirements for clothing: Convenience, quality, natural materials, the lack of fasteners and buttons that are difficult to fasten. It's much better if all clothes and shoes are on Velcro, buttons or zippers, so that the kid can do it himself without the help of a tutor.

Approximate prices for Yandex.Market

Panties Mothercare - 999 rub.
Mikey Bonprix 799 rub.
Socks Grace 209 rub.
Panama Archimede 1128 rubles.
Pajamas Sun City 2090 rub.
Jeans 3Pommes $ 2.70
The jacket is warm Livly 3450 rub.

Personal hygiene

If the baby does not know how to eat neatly, then you should also put 2-4 bibs. With their help, the child does not stain clothes.
If the crumb is not accustomed to the pot, then bring a spare set of bed linen and oilcloth.
The girls will need a comb and elastic bands. The hairbrush is better to choose plastic with rare prongs that it was convenient to wash, and elastic - without ornaments.
For the summer, bring a towel to wipe washed feet after walking on the street.
On all things put your baby's initials with an indelible marker. This will save them from loss.


As a rule, the list of the necessary office is read at the parents' meeting in the kindergarten. If for some reason you missed the meeting, then prepare a standard set:
  • For fine art (paint, brush, album, a set of pencils and markers);
  • For modeling (a mat for modeling, a set of children's plasticine, a knife for cutting plasticine);
  • For writing and mathematics (scores, pens, notebooks);
  • For the lesson of labor (cardboard, scissors, glue in a pencil, multi-colored paper);
  • Other items that will help in learning (fabrics, stencils, cotton wool and sticks, wipes dry and wet)

Approximate prices for Yandex.Market

Pencils Crayola 450руб.
Set for modeling Play-Doh 815руб.
Paints Djeco 1090 rub.
Scissors for children Hatber 55 руб.
Children's scores Melissa &Doug 1200 rub.

Do not worry if you forget to buy something from this list. You will be able to deliver things during the first week, which you will spend with the child in the kindergarten.
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