/ / Naughty child: three habitual errors of parents

Naughty child: three habitual errors of parents

Pai boys and always smiling girlsExist only in fairy tales and in the dreams of parents. The real child is far from the book ideal: he is capricious, screaming - sometimes too loud and too long, stubborn. In a word, he does everything to make his father and mother desperately grab at their heads. But maybe everything is much simpler?

Lack of feedback is a common causeMisunderstandings. If you want the baby to hear you, make sure first that your attention is focused on you. Do not scream violently from another room or the opposite end of the playground - you need to approach the child, establish eye contact with him, take his hand and calmly voice the request.

Mixing priorities is not obvious, but seriousphenomenon. In addition to proper nutrition and a clear regime, the baby needs active and benevolent support of an adult: mum or dad, or better - both. The lack of such participation is difficult to compensate for by material things.

Pressing is something parents sometimes tend to doSubstitute for education as such. The essence of human nature is resistance to pressure, no matter how useful it may seem. The child simply follows the instincts - does it make sense to blame it? Maybe it's much wiser to just grow it in love and understanding.

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