/ / From six months to seven: the rules of the children's festive menu

From half a year to seven: the rules of the children's festive menu

Pre-New Year's turmoil and the celebration itself is notShould be reflected in the children's regime: dinner for the baby is covered at the usual time. Smoked products, multicomponent salads and "complex" snacks should be left for an adult table - crumbs are of little use from such dishes. What should be the right menu for the child?

From six months to one and a half years. At this age babies do not need gastronomic delights - it is necessary to adhere to the traditional easy "diet". Unusual can be served - porridge with patterns of berries or boiled vegetables in the form of fir-trees will surely attract the attention of the baby.

From one and a half to three years. The New Year's diet for children is more diverse, but it is undesirable to get involved in new products. Kids are still quite conservative and can flatly abandon the unusual for the look or taste of the ingredients. Safe choice - boiled or baked poultry meat, cheeses, marmalade, homemade oatmeal cookies, puddings and casseroles with fruit fillings.

Three to seven years. Betting is better done on bright and beautiful dishes - tiny sandwiches with vegetables, greens, lean ham and fish, assorted on skewers, sandwiches, and on sweet - a cake with yoghurt or sour cream.

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