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How to name the girl in 2017 - beautiful names of girls on their patronymic, church calendar, the Zodiac. How to name a boy in 2017 - beautiful names for boys in the church calendar

Personal names arose at a time whenThe man spoke for the first time. Since then, thousands of years have passed; Tens of thousands of names emerged. How to choose from this number a suitable option? How to name the girl in 2017? How to name the boy in 2017? All these questions are of interest to future parentsMore than others. Of course, the easiest way to open a book with interpretation of each of the names and choose the most beautiful of them. Believers can turn to the saints and call the child born according to the church calendar. The fashion for astrology, which arose back in the late 1980s, makes moms and dads look into lists of names that match the sign of their child's zodiac. Whichever way you take advantage of, you should not forget - the name should be euphonious, not associated with unpleasant people, objects and events, harmoniously combined with the middle name and easily pronounced by others.

How to name the girl in 2017 - Beautiful maiden names for the patronymic

There are parents, sure - you can seeInterpretation of the daughter's name, born in 2017, in dictionaries and choose the most favorable of them, guided by its beauty. However, a little man will grow up, and in society he will be treated, mainly by name and patronymic. Therefore, mom and dad need to take this into account. It is unlikely that fellow Stanislav Stanislavovna, Valentina Valentinovna or Valeria Valeryevna will reprimand the full name of the employee working next to them. Think it is appropriate to name the girl Melissa or Georgina, if the pope's name is Ivan or Peter? Will not they make fun of Jessica Emelyanovna or Malvina Yefimovna?

Examples of beautiful names for the patronymic - We call the girl in 2017

Think about the future of the child by choosing a name,Necessarily combined with the name of his father - the future patronymic. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the length of the name-patronymic. The longer the father's name, the simpler and shorter they are to call his daughter. For example, Olga Vladislavovna, Anna Lavrentievna, Yana Mstislavovna. On the contrary, if the girl's daddy is a foreigner or a person with a non-Slavic name, it will be more appropriate to name the girl in 2017 so that her name sounded with a middle name beautifully and naturally. Not bad and quite logical is the choice, such as Elina Albertovna, Yadviga Karlovna, Monika Leonovna. Very nice sound simple Russian names next to the Slavic patronymics: Elena Andreevna, Tatyana Ilinichna, Natalia Olegovna.

How to name a girl according to the church calendar and the Zodiac - Names 2017 for girls

If before the XXth century in Russia it was customary to callNewborn girls for the holy days - the saints' days for the church calendar, in the late 1980s in the USSR and the RSFSR, interest in astrology increased rapidly - a science that studies the influence of planets and stars on our lives. In addition to interpreting horoscopes, astrology has always been engaged in clarifying names that are "under the auspices of" different signs of the zodiac. For example, to this day it is considered that the names with the grading "p" and the vowel "a" should be given to girls born under "strong" signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio. Constellations of Cancer and Pisces and the sounds "l", "and", on the contrary, give the softness of the born. Today, there are calendars of 2017 with a list of names related to all the zodiacal constellations.

Examples of maiden names according to the church calendar and the sign of the Zodiac in 2017

In Orthodoxy it has always been customary to give names forThe holy days (or holy days) or the church calendar, which mentions other revered saints. Unfortunately, in the saints, female names are encountered much less often than masculine, so when you refer to a girl in 2017, you can refer to the names of saints who just like their parents. This and such names as Anna, Maria, Natalia, Anastasia, Daria, Elizabeth. Dads and mothers, who listen to the advice of astrologers, can call the girl a bright, sonorous name. 2017 is the year of the Fire Cock, therefore, and the name must match the character of this noisy, restless, beautiful and artistic animal. Alice, Aglaya, Arina, Carolina, Karina, Elizabeth are perfect for babes.

How to name a girl in 2017 - Beautiful names for girls

After the revolution of 1917 and in the first yearsThe existence of Soviet power by the most beautiful names dedicated to outstanding Communists or new events have become Electrification, Stalin, Tractorin, Revmir. Later, after the victory in 1945, Victoria, Miroslava, Victory began to be born. In the early 1990s, when all the female half of the country followed the events unfolding in the Latin series with enthusiasm, Gabriella, Rosa and Rosalind, Britney, Izaura began to be born. Today some parents, wishing to immediately declare the uniqueness of their daughter, call her a beautiful, sometimes unusual name - Carolina, Juliet, Alice, Vasilisa. In 2017, "happy" female names - Veronica, Marianna, Lucia, Ariadne.

Examples of beautiful names 2017 - How to name a girl

Today, having met the Olympics at workLenin, or Moskvin Vilenovna, you are probably surprised: why did parents call the girl that way? Indeed, at all times there was a certain fashion for names. Today, in 2017, the most beautiful female names are Elizabeth, Alexandra, Alevtina, Iraida, Juliana.

How to name a boy in 2017 - Beautiful names for boys

The greatest "imprint" on the nature of the childImpose unusual, absurdly sounding, sometimes even funny names. On the contrary, calling his son beautiful, parents in advance "program" his success, a calm attitude with others, an adequate perception of the future of a man in society.

Examples of beautiful boy names in 2017

Many popes and mothers acquire such literature in advance and come up with a beautiful name that promises a future person happiness long before birth. However, it's not so simple. For example, Boris Higir, the most famous contemporaryResearcher of names, in his works gives an explanation to each name, talking about the future inclinations and talents of the child, his possible health problems, hobbies, relationships with parents. Of course, one can not say that the name determines fate. In the end, after reaching adulthood, any person can change the name to a more euphoric. However, make it a unit. The rest continue to live with a name given to them by their parents. The most beautiful male names are 2017 - Alexander, Vladimir, Svyatoslav, Ruslan, Maxim, Albert.

How to name a boy in the church calendar - Name for the born in 2017

Centuries ago in Russia, newbornsIt is customary to call it holy - the days of the church calendar dedicated to the saints. On the one hand, this approach greatly simplified the task for parents. The priest simply opened the book and offered the father and mother several names of boys to choose from. Unfortunately, this choice was not always great, therefore, over time, the tradition of using the saints was gradually forgotten. However, in the believing families, the sons are still called the Saints. In 2017 Petra, Nikolai, David, Maxima, Dmitriy, Novels, Andrei, Prokhori are born more often than others.

Examples of names for boys born in 2017 - How to name a boy in the church calendar

If the parents of the newborn 2017 are OrthodoxPeople, when naming a child, they can turn to the priest for help. Having opened the church calendar and checked with the saints, he will offer them several options for how to name the boy. Today, Christians often call their sons Alexander, Sergey, Stepanov, Andreei, Nikita.

The main questions of new parents this year - "How to name the girl in 2017?" And "How to name the boy in 2017?". They can accurately answer the zodiac or church calendar - choose you. The basic rule when choosing a name is the one pronounced along with the patronymic, it should sound beautiful.
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