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Tasty and useful: TOP-3 unusual products in the children's diet

Every parent knows about the benefits of sour-milk desserts, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, the children's menu can be diversified not so popular, but not less valuable products.

Peking cabbage and broccoli, of course, are good,But Brussels - is not inferior to them in nutritional value. In miniature inflorescences of the vegetable contains a large amount of folic acid, calcium, vitamins A, C and K. "Green" steam casseroles, cabbage rolls and fresh smoothies in the diet will help improve eyesight and strengthen the immunity of the child.

Coconut flour is much more useful than wheat flour: It is less caloric, but more nutritious due to the high concentration of vegetable protein and dietary fiber. It does not contain cholesterol and gluten. Flour from ripe coconuts does not cause allergies, being an excellent product for making children's pancakes, pancakes, cupcakes and any dietary baking.

Black rice - an indispensable ingredient in the menuKid, prone to disease. A rice of an amazing anthracite color is a storehouse of essential trace elements, amino acids and anthocyanins. Dishes from black rice are shown with anemia, neuroses, high fatigue and VSD.

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