/ / Litical mixture: how to calculate the dosage of the drug and bring down the temperature with a lytic mixture

Litical mixture: how to calculate the dosage of the drug and bring down the temperature with a lytic mixture

Temperature, especially in a child, is the causeFor serious fears. Fortunately, today there are many antipyretic drugs designed to alleviate the suffering of the baby and save the parents from the excitement. One of these saving devices is a lytic mixture.

Litical mixture from temperature

The lytic mixture is a faithful helper to reduceTemperature. It can be used to reduce temperature and in very young children. Dosages for children and adults are individual - it all depends on the age and general condition of the body.
For your information! The medication is injected with a standard injection into the gluteus muscle. Due to the rapid receipt of the medication it is possible to achieve the desired result.
Use of the substance is relevant in the following situations:
  • Fever in the patient;
  • Lack of use of other antipyretic drugs;
  • Bouts of vomiting and inability to take pills.
It has a positive effect on the body. With the correct dosage, the effect occurs within a few minutes, and after 30 minutes a person feels a significant improvement in the state of well-being.
Attention! If the fever did not pass in half an hour after the injection, wait 6 hours and re-inject.

Contraindications to the use of the substance:

  • Stomach ache.
    A vivid example of the negative impact of largeThe dose of the drug against the temperature is the development of appendicitis. If the patient has abdominal pain, the remedy will simply suppress them and hide the problem from the doctor.
  • Use of other drugs.
    When referring to diphenhydramine or analgin inAs independent means for lowering temperature, the lytic mixture is contraindicated. The fact is that the drug already contains these medications, and a double dosage can lead to adverse effects.
  • Allergy.
    If the patient is allergic to the elements that make up the drug, for example, analgin, then the drug will not work. Will have to use other methods of treatment.

Litical mixture: composition

Before starting treatment, it is important to familiarize yourself with the standard composition of the lytic mixture. It includes the following elements:
  • Analgin;
  • Dimedrol;
  • papaverine.
Analgin is the main component of the mixture. It is due to its properties that it is possible to bring down the temperature and save the patient from the heat.
Diphenhydramine is an adjuvant medicine that prevents the onset of allergies from using the mixture.
Papaverin - dilates blood vessels and has an instant action against spasms. The medicinal element disperses the blood and saturates the body with oxygen. This enhances the effect of the above components.
The classic lytic mixture consists of the following percentages: 50% analgin solution, 1% dimedrol solution and 0.1% papaverine solution.

Litical mixture for children: dosage

The dosage of the medicine to children is calculated on the basis of the full years of the baby. The ratio is equal to 1 year = 0.1 ml of the constituent of the lytic mixture.
Example of calculation of dosage: If the child is 4 years old, then the volume will be 0.4 ml of analgin, 0.4 ml of diphenhydramine and 0.4 ml of papaverine. The patient receives the right injection from one syringe to the buttock.
If you can not use an injection, you canPrepare the pills. The use of tablets: if the child is not yet 3 years old, then take a dose of ¼ servings of analgin, paracetamol and suprastin for a dose.
After determining the dosage, pound the tablets to a powdery state, mix on a spoon with a little water and give a drink to your child.
Be healthy!
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