/ / Knitting for children knitting needles, crochet with photo. The best knitting patterns for children with a description

Knitting for children knitting needles, crochet with photo. The best knitting patterns for children with a description

Mom-hand-made things are not only the most beautiful and warm, but also full of love and positive energy. We suggest you to master simple knitting of stylish little things!

Knitting for children with knitting needles: a warm little coat "Little Mouse"

Each mummy can bind it with knitting needlesFashionable warm coat. It is necessary, first, to buy good thread, and, secondly, strictly follow our scheme and description. Instead of buttons on the coat will be rivets and lovely pompons. This model will perfectly suit both the boy and the little princess.

Necessary materials:

  • Yarn: Phildar Quietude (50/50 wool and acrylic, 50g / 90m.) - 5 pcs. Color: gray or brown
  • Density of knitting: 20 pts per 32 rows
  • Tools: spokes 3.5 and 4.0 mm
  • Size: 3 months
  • Additional materials: three rivets (diameter 17 mm), a needle

Knitting Patterns

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Begin to knit a baby coat from the back. For a baby three months, we collect 53 items for spokes 3.5 mm.
    On a note! This knitting scheme for children's coats can be used for children from 3 months to 2 years. Up to 6 months, we collect 53-57 loops, 12 months - 61 loops, 18 months - 65 loops, 24 months - 69 loops.
  2. First comes the usual elastic band from one front and one backing loops. We fasten 6 rows of rubber bands.
  3. We pass to needles 4.0 mm and start the pearl pattern from the wrong loops. In doing so, add one loop in the first row of the pattern. Now the total number of loops is 54 pcs. A pattern called "Pearl" is weighed according to the scheme:
    • First row (face): knit 2 facial, 2 purl (finish with two facial)
    • Second and fourth rows (wrong side): we knit the facial over the facial, purl accordingly over the purlins.
    • Third row (face): two purlins, two facial (complete with two purlins)
  4. At a height of 13 cm, we close for the armhole on each side of each row 2 loops (remains 44p.)
  5. We continue the pearl pattern. At 25 cm close for the shoulders of the shoulders on each side in every second row: three loops - once, four loops - twice.
  6. At the same time, close the central eight loops for the neck. And we subtract 7 loops from each side of the throat in each pair of rows. Close the hinges.
  7. We pass to the right shelf. We type 40 loops, we take knitting needles 3.5 mm. Six rows of knit simple rubber. Change the knitting needles to 4.0 and start the pearl pattern again from the back of the loops. On the thirteenth centimeter, we close two eyelets (2 times) and one loop (1 time) from the side of the armhole in each pair of rows. At a height of 23 cm from the side of the neck in each pair of rows is closed according to the scheme: 16 loops (1 time), 3 loops (1 time), 2 loops (2 times), 1 loop (1 time). Close the hinges.
  8. For the left shelf again, type 24 loops for 3.5 mm knitting needles. The first 6 rows are again erased with an elastic band. Change the knitting needles to 4.0 mm and begin the pearl pattern with two purlins. On the thirteenth centimeter, we close two eyelets (2 times) and one loop (1 time) from the side of the armhole in each second row. There are 19 loops left.

    We continue and on 23 cm we close the hinges from the sideNeck: 3 loops (1 time), 2 loops (2 times), 1 loop (1 time). At a height of 25 cm, we close the hinges on the shoulder: 3 loops (1 time) and 4 loops (2 times). Always close the hinges in every second row.

  9. We begin to knit the sleeves of a coat. We type 38 loops on spokes 3.5 mm (for each sleeve). Again, we erase the first six rows with an elastic band. We change the knitting needles and start the pearl pattern from the two facial (2 dep., 2 faces., 2in., 2 faces), adding 1 loop each side - each 6th row five times. At 11.5 centimeters of height, we loosen the loops on each side: 4 loops (1 time), 3 loops (1 time), 2 loops (2 times), 3 loops (1 time), 4 loops (1 time). Close at 15.5 cm.
  10. For the hood, we collect 85 loops on spokes 3.5 mm. Again we knit a rubber band 1/1 six rows. We take the knitting needles 4.0 and start the pearl pattern, adding 1 loop along the first row (the loops should now be 86). At an altitude of nine centimeters we subtract: 4 loops (2 times), 5 loops (4 times). On the thirteenth centimeter should remain 30 loops. We continue to reduce in each second row on each side 1 loop (7 times). At an altitude of 28 cm there should be 16 loops. Close the hinges.
  11. On spokes of size 4.0 we type 10 loops. The ears are knitted with a pearl pattern, decreasing one loop from each side in each pair row.

Assembling a child's coat with knitting needles

We sew the shoulders and sides, sew the sleeves into the armholes. The hood is assembled according to the scheme and sewed to the neck. We sew the rivets from the wrong side, about 1 cm below the throat. The distance between the rivets is 6 cm. We decorate the rivets with pompons from the front side. Sew the ears to the hood, as in the photo.

Festive knitting for children: a set for baptism (cap, blouse, booties)

Baptism is a special holiday in the life of the baby andHis parents. Already the rite itself means a festive attire in light colors for the child, symbolizing the purity of his little soul. We offer you a very gentle baptismal kit, which is ideal for babies at the age of 3 months. A hat, blouse and booties can also be worn as a beautiful outfit for any other holiday.

Necessary materials:

  • Yarn: white, any acrylic (180g)
  • Density: 10cm = 32 loops
  • Tools: knitting needles 2,5, hook №2.5
  • Size: 1-3months
  • Additional materials: white satin ribbon 1 cm wide (2 m)

Knitting Patterns

Step-by-step instruction:

Knitting blouse

  1. We begin to crochet with the neck cut. We dial a chain of 70 air loops and weave according to the scheme:
    • 1 p. - 70 columns with a crochet
    • 2 r. - * 2 columns with a crochet, 1 air loop, repeat from * to the end of the series 2 tbsp. S / n = 105 loops
    • 3 r. - 105 stitches with crochet columns
    • 4 r. - columns with a crochet, adding 16 loops (121 loops)
    • 5 r. - We knit 1 row
    • 6 r. - We knit 2 rows
    • 7 r. - We knit the columns with the crochet, adding 35 loops (180 loops)
    • 8 r. - We knit the columns with the crochet, adding 29 loops (209 loops)
    • 9 r. - We knit the columns with the crochet, adding 32 loops (241 loops)
    • 10 r. - We knit the columns with a crochet
  2. A thread of a contrasting color, we outline the details:
    • 35 points - the left part (shelf)
    • 50 items - right side (shelf)
    • 71 items - Backrest
    • 50 pcs. - sleeve
  3. We connect loops of shelves and backs and knit crochetAccording to scheme 1, forming 14 raps. After 15 cm from the coquette we close the hinges. We renew knitting from 50 loops of each sleeve according to Scheme 1, tying in 5 Rapp (60 loops). We finish knitting for a length of 12 cm from the coquette.
  4. Proceed to assembling the sweatshirts: On the bottom of the sleeves with knitting needles we lift 40 loops, we knit an elastic band three centimeters. We sew up the sleeves, and we fasten the shelves and the neckline of the neck according to scheme 2. We do not forget about the ribbon - we pass it through the resulting holes.

Knitting for children: crochet hat

  1. We will knit the cap according to the scheme No. 3. We close each row with a connecting post and start with three air lifting loops. The number of loops should increase to 80.
  2. Continue to knit according to scheme number 1, leaving 9 loops free and forming 7 raps. (85 loops).
  3. We finish knitting in 14 cm.
  4. We collect the hat: we turn the last 4 rows, we tie the lower edge with columns with a crochet.

Knitting festive pinets for baby crochet

  1. We start from the bootleg: we dial a chain of 36 air loops and close the ring with a connecting post.
  2. We knit two rows of columns with a crochet and one row of holes: 1 column with a crochet, 1 air loop, skip 1 loop of the bottom row, then to the end of the row we tie off the column with the crochet.
  3. We knit ascent: central 9 loops according to scheme 4 (4 rows), postponing 27 loops.
  4. We knit the delayed loops and raise them on the sides according to the scheme 1 (2 rows), tying out 6 rapes.
  5. We knit the foot of booties with columns with a crochet withEach column of the bottom ryadochka. At the same time let's pass the air loops. Continue to knit 3 rows, performing in each row of the heel and in the middle of the toe 5 columns with a crochet, closed together (24 loops).
  6. We attach the edge of the bootleg according to scheme No. 2 (2 rows). In the holes we pass the ribbon. Our booties are ready, and you are convinced that it is not difficult to learn knitting for children!

Knitting for children in interesting master classes on video

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