/ / New Year competitions and games for teenagers in school: for a large and small company of children. Merry Christmas contests

New Year's competitions and games for teenagers in school: for a large and small company of children. Merry Christmas contests

New Year is a holiday, during which allI want to have fun and relax. That is why it is simply impossible to imagine a holiday without entertainment. New Year's competitions and games for teenagers will make a holiday in school fun and memorable. We offer you several games for a large and small company of children.

Choose New Year's games and competitions, taking into account the interests of adolescents

Celebrating the New Year in school should beSurprise and fun not only for students of lower grades, but also for older children. With special care should think over New Year's contests for teens 13-14 years. This is a period when students already know that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are not real, and they are practically not interested in New Year's matinees. Interested students can only entertaining games.

For example, you can suggest that adolescents come up withFairy-tale character, and then portray it. Each participant's theatrical skill will be evaluated by the jury in the person of the teaching staff. Games with physical stamina will help schoolchildren believe that physical education is also an important subject. Throwing New Year's maces, jumping in bags, modeling a snowman - great options for New Year's games.

Take into account the talents of children for New Year's competitions and games in school

In fact, teachers when choosing New Year'sCompetitions for adolescents in the school should take into account the interests of the class. It happens that students visit some circles, which can also be used in planning a holiday. For example, if there are three or more people in the class who are fond of modeling or weaving of rubber bands, they can be invited to dazzle or weave some New Year's accessory. The works of the students are then exhibited in front of the whole school during the New Year's party. In this case, the results of the secret ballot, which will help determine the most talented teenager, will also be interesting.

Funny New Year's contests and games: ideas for a big and small company

Involve a demanding teenager in the competition is notSo it is easy, as it seems. At this age, children go into a kind of rebellious period and everyone tries to do it in defiance of adults. That is why young people can only be interested in a special program of New Year's entertainment for teenagers. It must necessarily include games and contests that will be relevant at this age. And to make games interesting, it's worth making them diverse.

In general, New Year's games and contests for teenagersIn the school can be divided into two groups: intellectual and competitions for the manifestation of physical strength. At this age, young people have already acquired enough knowledge to apply them in practice, so intellectual games and competitions can in turn be divided into logical tasks, highly specialized and contests for general development.

For example, you can organize such New Year's contests for a large company of teenagers:

Guess the New Year's Word

Prepare cards with words,Which symbolize the New Year: Christmas tree, sleigh, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, fireworks and so on. We divide all participants into two teams. Choose the captains of each team and give them the opportunity to choose a card. After that, the captain chooses a member of his team to demonstrate the conceived word. With the help of gestures, the participant must show his team what is on the card. The guessing of the word from the card is given one minute. If the team calls him during this time, he gets 1 point.

Jumping in bags

All the same two teams compete among themselves. Selects three participants from each. The distance that the participants will overcome is delineated. On the account of "one, two, three" representative of each team in the bag with the help of jumps should gallop all distance, then the next participant quickly jumps to the bag and does the same. When the last of the three participants gets to the finish line, it will be clear whose team won and earned their 1 point.

We decorate the Christmas tree

As the third contest, use thisThematic game in which the whole team can participate. For teens, prepare two Christmas trees and two boxes with different unnecessary things. Each team should decorate its Christmas tree in a minute, connecting all its imagination and skills. The winner will be chosen by the jury.

These merry New Year contests for teenagers are capable of captivating and amusing. Games are very entertaining and do not require special training from adults.

Do not think that teenagers at school are impossibleInterest in New Year's competitions. In fact, they are still children who also like to play, just games should be already more grown up. Listen to the wishes of the kids - and your holiday will certainly be fun!

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