/ / Bubbles in the throat of a child and an adult, what is it and how to deal with it? What if a clear bubble appears in the throat?

Bubbles in the throat of a child and an adult, what is it and how to deal with it? What if a clear bubble appears in the throat?

Bubbles on the child's throat

There are several diseases, the main symptom of which are acne, blisters or bubbles in the throat.

  • Follicular sore throat. Acute bacterial inflammation of the tonsils, which is manifested by severe headache, general weakness and a sharp increase in temperature.
  • Herpetic tonsillitis. The disease is characterized by the appearance of pimples with white tips on the soft palate and the back wall. The patient is worried about severe pain when swallowing. In people with weakened immunity, the disease can manifest not only symptoms of normal angina, but also nausea or even vomiting.

  • Pharyngitis and abscess. The most harmless of all diseases of the throat. Most often, they result from an acute respiratory illness. In the throat appear bubbles, which are a cluster of lymphatic tissue and pass several days after recovery.
  • Stomatitis. Especially often this disease is exposed to children who constantly pull into their mouth unwashed objects. At the first signs of illness it is worthwhile to see a doctor for the appointment of a correct treatment.

Treatment Recommendations

To appoint the right drug treatment, the doctor should examine the patient and establish the cause of the appearance of the bubbles in the throat. Each disease requires a special approach.

With follicular sore throat appoint a course of antibiotics. In herpetic sore throat often use antibiotics of symptomatic action, which directly affect the foci of infection.

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Pharyngitis is treated in a comprehensive manner. First and foremost, it is necessary to strengthen the patient's immunity, apply local treatment, and if the disease has been maintained in the body for a long time, the course of antibiotics will not interfere.

If the bubbles in the throat appear as a result of the formation of an abscess, first the doctor will remove the pus, and then prescribe the use of antibacterial drugs.

Stomatitis is treated with the help of localEffects for rinsing of the throat and oral cavity. If a person experiences severe pain and can not even take liquid food, he is prescribed a light painkiller.

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Bubbles in the throat of an adult

Since in adults and children the most common cause of the appearance of vesicles in the throat is considered to be follicular angina, it is worthwhile to dwell on its prevention in more detail.

Important! If you do not start treatment on time, the disease can only worsen and lead to serious complications: meningitis, arthritis or rheumatism.
  • Try to constantly strengthen the immune system so that viruses can not "catch" in the body
  • Adults should give up smoking and alcohol, as these bad habits only weaken the mucous
  • To protect yourself from sore throats, spend as much time in the fresh air and go to a vitamin-rich diet.

Also remember, at the first symptoms of a malaise it is necessary to address at once to the doctor not to aggravate a situation.

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