/ / What to do with your hands as a gift to the Pope on February 23: the best ideas with a photo.

What to do with your own hands as a gift to the Pope on February 23: the best ideas with a photo.

Best gift ideas for yourself: master classes with photos

Packing for gifts Lion

Materials used:

  • Colored paper
  • White paper
  • scissors
  • Pencil or black marker
  • glue
  • stationery knife
  • Template for future packaging

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Print out the template, cut it out of colored paper.

  2. Cut out the elements of the lion's head - mane, face, nose, eyes.

  3. We bend the base of the package in dotted lines, which are shown in the figure of the template. You should get this kind of packaging. Glue it down and to the side.

  4. We prepare the muzzle of the lion: put the white part on orange, glue it.

  5. Put a face on the mane, glue it. When the head dries, glue eyes to it.

  6. Draw a pupil's pupil, nose, mouth and the lion's mustache with the marker. They can also be made of black paper. Glue the head of the lion cub to the top valve of the package.
    It turns out that such a cute box - a great idea of ​​gift to the father from their hands from the baby.

In it you can put your favorite daddy candy,Some souvenir and a greeting card from a child with congratulations. If you have two or more children, help them make boxes with different characters - this gift will please every daddy!

Three-dimensional postcard Portrait of the Pope

Materials used:

  • Pastry dough (salted dough)
  • gouache
  • Brushes
  • Colored paper
  • A glass of water
  • glue
  • Ceiling tile - piece
  • Stacks - sticks for modeling

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare a salted dough: 2 cups of flour + 1 cup of salt + 3 cups of water. The resulting test is enough for a few crafts.
  2. Make workpieces for the craft: the basis for the head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hair rectangle - as shown in the photo.

  3. Connect all the parts together and set the dough dry. Dry the workpiece can be in the oven, on the battery or in the sun - it all depends on your ability and free time.

  4. When the head dried, we proceed to design: Write out the gouache of different colors - base, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, and draw eyebrows, cilia and blush on the cheeks. Try to color the most real portrait - the colors of the eyes and hair should look like your dad.

  5. The main part of the craft is ready, the case remains for small. Make a colored shirt for your dad, as shown in the diagram.

  6. When the shirt is ready, it is necessary to fix the background and all the details of the portrait on a piece of ceiling tile.

If you wish, you can add buttons toCollar shirt, tie, pocket on the chest and other details. You will get such a wonderful portrait! From the back of the postcard can be written congratulations in prose or in verse.

Now you can tell the kid what to do with your own hands as a gift to the Pope by February 23.

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