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New Year party in the kindergarten: a cheerful New 2016 for children

How to organize a New Year party in kindergarten?

For the youngest you can organizeRepresentation, where the participants will be adults (parents, educators), and assistants - kids. For older children, you can offer a fairy tale, in which the protagonists will be preschoolers and adults.

New Year in the kindergarten: how to write a holiday script?

Before writing a script for the New Year inKindergarten, decide on the genre (fairy tale, musical, staging, concert). After that, choose the heroes of the holiday and start working on the script. It should include: a description of the decor for the stage and hall, a list of characters, actions and replicas of the characters. On the eve of the script work write a story of the holiday. On its basis, you can quickly paint the replicas of the characters.

An example of a New Year scenario for a kindergarten (a fairy tale for children aged 4-5)

  • Leading
  • Bear
  • Santa Claus
  • A Fox
  • Goat
  • Snow Maiden
  • A princess
  • Prince
  • Children
The scene is decorated with rain, colored paperToys, garlands and balloons. On the back is a winter landscape. In the center of the room is the Christmas tree. On the right is the bear's den. To the left is the castle of the princess.

The leader enters the stage.

Presenter: We are all waiting for the New Year.
When will he come?
We are waiting for gifts and presents
From relatives and parents:
Cars, dolls, balls and designers promise us the New Year.

The bear leaves his house.

Bear: Oh, well, how! It was good until the prince came to me. Oh, these women! His princess sent for strawberries and fresh May honey. (Referring to the guys) This is where you, the children, saw the strawberries and May honey in December? What kind of girls are capricious.

A prince runs out from the bear's house.

Prince: Mishka, do not you understand? This girl is a princess. And she won my heart. I'm in love up to my ears. And I like her, too, like me. But in order to win her favor, it is necessary to fulfill this whim.

Mishka: And where will you find strawberries in winter?

Leaves the fox.

Fox: And I know where strawberries and fresh honey look. And I can get it all. But only in the event that the prince and children will help me on a long journey to the castle of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. They have everything. Even strawberries!

Prince: I agree, fisheka! I agree. Only point the way!

Host: Wow! And I can with you. Children, will we help the prince to fulfill his difficult mission?

Further replicas of the main characters alternate with collective games. After the end of the fairy tale, the children circle in a dance with fairy-tale characters.

Important: be sure to take off the fairy tale in the kindergarten for the New Year on video and take a few photos. So you turn the children's performance into pleasant memories for you, kids and loved ones.
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