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Children's graduation 2016: script, poems and songs, gifts at the prom in kindergarten. Organization of graduation in kindergarten


Organization of children's graduation
Scenario of the prom in kindergarten
Waltz for children's prom, video
Gifts for children and tutors at the prom

Organization of children's graduation

Organizing a graduation in the kindergarten is a troublesome business. Conduct it, as a rule, in a kindergarten, and then go (if desired) to a cafe or entertainment center. In order for the morning performance to be memorable, think over the following points:

  • Decoration of the hall
  • Event Scenario
  • Musical design
  • Parents' Words
  • Gifts for children
  • Gifts for educators

Scenarios of graduation in kindergarten

The hall, as a rule, is decorated with balls. Interesting look posters or walls. Newspapers. Try to collect photos of your kids in the manger and now, let everyone see how much they have grown. Do not forget to create a wish board, where everyone can write a parting letter to graduates or draw a kind and cute drawing.

Graduation in the garden

Songs on the day of the graduation should sound merry andJoyful. It can be compositions from cartoons and movies, children's tunes. The main musical themes can be songs: "Ding-ding kindergarten", "On the path of knowledge", "Kindergarten - a magical country", the text of the final song is easy to find on the Internet.

With Mommy's favorite in the "Children's World" we go,
We take a new toy from the shelf.
I bought a new locomotive,
I have brought the engine to the kids in kindergarten.
I want to turn a steam locomotive in my hands, I want to give it.
Kindergarten, native and beloved,
Soon, goodbye to you ...
On the path of knowledge, joyful dreams
We go out boldly into the big world.

Again in the "Children's World" with my mother we are standing,
We do not even look at toys! I was bought a new portfolio,
I'm not a preschool child now, I'm a schoolboy now!
I'm spinning in front of the mirror, I'm carrying a briefcase!

Scenario of the prom in kindergarten

The script of the children's graduation should be original, to maximize the talents of children. We offer several ideas:

Song at the prom in kindergarten
  • Country of knowledge. The presenter tells the future students that soon they will meet interesting characters: Mathematics, Diploma, Physical Education, etc. To enter the first grade you need to demonstrate your knowledge of these subjects. For reading and writing, children read poems, dance for the physical culture, etc. In the end, children will receive diplomas of real first-graders.
  • Traditional graduation includesPoetic congratulations of graduates to their teachers and nannies, parents and even kitchen workers. At the end, the final song sounds (her children are preparing in advance), for example, this:
    We grew in warmth and kindness,
    Like flowers in the spring,
    Every day we met fairy tales
    In an amazing country.
    Well, what's in the world
    State "Kindergarten."
    There always play children -
    Lots of little guys!

Children are still small, so they like"Fabulous graduation". For example, the hero's journey through a fairytale country, where children meet with the Snow Queen, Kai and Gerda, Ivan Tsarevich. They sing songs and read poetry, for which they receive medals, and in the end they find the treasured trunk with knowledge.

Graduation in the garden: photo

Final - a chord song or poems to educators and parents:

You listen soon,
We want to tell everyone
About people who used to be us
Helped bring up
We guessed, we decided:
How can we congratulate them?
Finally, we collected all
And decided to glorify.

Graduation 2016 in kindergarten

Waltz for children's prom, video

It is very beautiful and spectacular waltz looks, which educators prepare in advance.

Gifts for children and tutors at the prom

Gifts for children should be interesting and practical, and most important, their design should be attractive and like kids. We made the rating of the most popular gifts at the prom:

  • Books. The most necessary: ​​encyclopedias, school textbooks, dictionaries and reference books.
  • Sets of the first-form.
  • The globes.
  • Electronic ("talking") posters with an alphabet or multiplication table.
  • Alarm clocks or clocks.

Gifts are accepted not only for children, but also for educators. We offer several possible options:

  • Individual gifts (equipment, certificates, etc.).
  • Gifts for kindergarten (curtains, allowances).
  • Funny souvenirs (diplomas, frames, medals).
  • Gifts by own hands (children's hand-made articles, photo collages).

We hope that our ideas of the children's graduation-2015 will be useful to you. And the photos we picked up will give an additional source of inspiration.

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