/ / Development of mental abilities of a child from an early age

Development of mental abilities of the child from an early age

At the same time, the earlier you begin the lessons with the child,The more information he will learn. This, of course, does not mean that you need to sit the child for smart books and try to learn all the laws of physics up to three years. The most important thing is to create conditions in which the child independently and without any effort acquired knowledge about the world around him. What can help in this easy matter?

A game

The child begins to show interest inAround the world from the very early age. So why not take advantage of this? Let the child be surrounded by objects of very different shapes, colors, with different tactile, sound, visual characteristics. Play with the child using these items, always pronouncing their names aloud and showing how these toys can be used.


Walking with the baby, tell everything thatYou will see: birds, trees, flowers. Pay attention to how the weather is changing, how the seasons are changing each other. Try to talk only about interesting news, because the boring and unnecessary information the kid simply will forget.

Your speech

When speaking with a child, do not distort speech. Pronounce the words correctly, clearly, intonationally highlighting important words. Ask more questions: "Do you think the sparrows are hungry?" Let's go and feed them. "

Do not try to convey information to the child withHelp. Instead of saying: "I've told you a hundred times that nothing can be lifted up from the earth." It's better to explain why it can not be done: "Things are dirtier on the ground, they have a lot of harmful microbes that can kill the animal."


Read the child from birth. Thus, his vocabulary is enriched, and it seems that he does not understand the onniki, in fact the baby's brain processes the information received. Parents who speak foreign languages ​​can read foreign books.

With older children it will be useful to discuss what has been read, to find out that the child has understood what lesson he took from the book.


It has long been known that listening to beautiful musicStimulates the creative activity. An older child can be given to a music group, but not with the goal of educating a world-famous musician, but in order to activate other abilities: mathematical, linguistic.


Draw, sculpt, decorate ... Analyze,That the child is most interesting and give this lesson more time. The main thing is not to get in the way, then interest in the lesson will not go out quickly. And remember that it is not necessary to force a child to do things that are not interesting to him. Otherwise, all your lessons with the child will turn into frank mutual torture. If the child can not do something, do not insist, it is better to ease the task. And do not put any time when the assignment should be completed. Let 10minut child creates with interest, than 2 hours under torture.


Walk with the child, do exercises. During the movement of the child's brain is saturated with oxygen, which in turn leads to an increase in mental activity. If space allows in the apartment and financial possibilities, purchase a special children's corner with rings, turnstiles, stairs, which will become an indispensable assistant in the development of the child's physical abilities.

Always be near

Most importantly - participate in all the beginnings of the music. Support it, praise it. Let the child know that the parents are nearby, and that he has someone to turn to for help.

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