/ / How to make a postcard on March 8, mom, master class. Beautiful postcard to mom from paper with your hands, step by step photos

How to make a postcard on March 8, mom, master class. Beautiful postcard to mom from paper with your hands, step by step photos

Necessary materials

  • Sheet of cardboard (A4 format);
  • 2 sheets of paper;
  • 1.5 m of red chiffon ribbon (width - 2.5 cm);
  • 9 beads of milk color (diameter - 4 mm);
  • 6 beads of milk color (diameter - 6 mm);
  • 4 beads of coffee color (diameter - 8 mm);
  • 1 bead-rice milk color (length - 8 mm);
  • 2 beads of coffee color (diameter - 4 mm);
  • Brown tape (length - 10 cm, width - 5 cm);
  • The same piece of milk-colored tape;
  • Piece of tulle, 20 x 8 cm;
  • Adhesive glue gun (or good glue);
  • Needle and thread;
  • scissors;
  • Watercolors and a brush;
  • A piece of foam rubber.

Postcard to my mother on March 8 - step by step instruction

  1. We fold a sheet of cardboard in half. We fix the parties with paper clips so that the postcard "memorizes" the desired position. From the paper, we cut out two blanks, previously drawing a "wave" along the edge. One of the details should be a bit larger than the other.

  2. We color the workpiece of smaller sizeBrown watercolor, in a "wet" way. To do this, we first pass through the sheet with a damp brush, and only then we collect the paint. When the paper dries, we accent the edge.

  3. Similarly we do the other part using red color.

  4. We glue the blanks to the cardboard.

  5. Shvom "forward needle" stitch three sides of the tentacle segment (two short and one long). We pull the thread. Here's what should happen:

  6. Two wide pieces of tape are stitched together. The milk strip should protrude a little (about 1 cm). We close the stitches with beads.
    To the note: the edge of the tape can be lightly fused with a cigarette lighter.

  7. Sew the detail to the fathina.

  8. Cut off 12 cm of red tape. Fold as in the photo, and stitch in the middle.

  9. We pull the seam. We got a bow. We attach it to the workpiece from the tapes, and then glue the finished part to the postcard. Cut out the paper number eight.

  10. Postcard to my mother on March 8 must bewith flowers. Now we will gradually consider the process of creating a rose from a chiffon ribbon. First, cut off a strip of 15 cm in length. Fold it in half and make a few stitches for fixing.

    We wrap the tape two or three times and then stitch it again.

    Twist the tape four times around the core, and finally fix a few stitches.

    These roses will need seven pieces.
  11. We paste the flowers to the postcard with a thermo-pistol. In the intervals between roses we attach beads of different sizes.
    Instructions on how to make a postcard on March 8 with your own hands in step by step with paper and beads
    To the note: you can buy ready-made flowers in an artisan shop.
  12. Color the figure with eight watercolors. For fixing we use two small pieces of foam rubber.
    Bright colorful postcard on March 8 to mom with her hands from paper: step by step instruction

Postcard to my mother on March 8 is ready.

Beautiful funny cards for March 8 with their own hands mom: step by step photos

As you can see, it's not difficult to make such an original, beautiful hand-made article, and the result will certainly please the closest person.

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