/ How to register the protocol of parental meetings in kindergarten?

How to register the protocol of parental meetings in kindergarten?


Protocol preparation plan:
Protocol maintenance manual

The teacher is the curator of the group in the DOW and is responsible for the conduct and proper execution of the protocols.

Protocol preparation plan:

  • The full name of the institution;
  • Date of the meeting in the DOW;
  • List of those present (teachers, educators, administration, parents);
  • The topic of the meeting (agenda);
  • List of speakers (educators, medical workers, etc.);
  • Approved solutions;
  • The signature of the secretary, educator, one of the parents.

All protocols should be kept by the tutor or administrator. It is best to make a copy of the document.

The protocol of the general parental meeting in the kindergarten for the year

Protocol maintenance manual

Parent meetings
  1. The document indicates the dateThe number of parents present. In the case of invited speakers, their names, names and patronymics must be recorded completely, without any abbreviations.
  2. You must specify an agenda thatDiscuss at the meeting. After discussing the issues, one should write down the suggestions and recommendations of parents, educators and teachers. It is important to note the identity of the person who makes the offer. The speeches of all present are recorded in the record.
  3. After hearing the recommendations, theDecision on each issue separately by voting. The secretary is obliged to fix the number of voters "for" and "against". The protocol is signed by the chairman of the parents' committee and the secretary. Each of the parents (even those not present at the meeting) must be informed of the changes adopted, and must also subscribe to the document. In the event that not all parents were present at the meeting, the results of the decisions taken can be placed in the parent corner.
  4. The note book is launched duringGrouping and is conducted until the final. It is numbered on a page-by-page basis, bound, sealed with a seal of the kindergarten and signed by the head. The numbering is from the beginning of the school year.

Minutes of parental meetings in kindergartenIs an important document. It is necessary to approach it comprehensively and competently. Any decision becomes eligible only if there is a protocol. It must always be conducted, regardless of the degree of importance of the issues under discussion.

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