/ Spring break in school: where to go, what to do. Spring Break 2014-2015

Spring holidays at school: where to go, what to do. Spring Break 2014-2015

When do schoolchildren have a spring break, from which date?

Today, a single vacation period in the country is notInstalled. The Ministry of Education and Science gives only recommendations to the relevant authorities in the field, and specific dates are set by the schools themselves. Many directors try to take into account the wishes of parents and students. The approximate spring break lasts about a week, starting from the last Monday in March.

Where to go with a child in the spring break 2016 in St. Petersburg

Where to go for spring break 2015

During the spring school holidays, you can go with the child on a journey. The most popular destinations:

  • Tours in Russia. You can visit the ancient cities related to the Golden Ring or wander through the museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow. It's a good idea to spend time outdoors, to get some fresh air, for this, go to the sanatorium of the central strip.

  • Tours in Europe. If you like museums and want to show the child something new, then go abroad. More budgetary options (which does not detract from their merits) - Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia. It will be interesting in Sweden, there you must go to the Unibaken fairy-tale museum and to Vasa's Viking ship. In France, children are traditionally attracted to Disneyland, and in England the Harry Potter Museum.

  • Doctors do not recommend a sharp change in the climate forA short time, but if you really want to sunbathe and enjoy the sun, then the best option is Egypt. The prices are moderate, the service is of the highest standard, moreover, a visa is not required.

Activities on Spring Break

Staying in the city during the spring school holidays 2015 can also have fun. In Moscow, there is a huge number of interesting and boring museums.

You can touch history at the Museum of Moscow. Here, the children are not just told about the life of Muscovites of different eras, but they are allowed to try on costumes, take household items, and try food.

Spring break at school in 2016 - from what date in Moscow

Future musicians will not only appreciate the Glinka Museum and Alfred Mirk's Russian Harmonica Museum, where you can hear the sound of old forgotten instruments and try yourself as a performer.

The Pastilla Museum invites lovers of sweet food, where they tell how to cook this dish correctly, give different kinds of taste, and the ones you like can be purchased.

Chocolate studio La Princesse Choco invites children and parents to master classes, during which visitors create chocolate figures themselves, and then participate in a grandiose tea party.

The whole family can go to the movies. In the poster "Smurfiki-3", "Three heroes: the course of the horse", "Monsters on vacation-2", etc.

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