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Best names for girls 2016: new, unusual, popular and names by months


Girl names 2016 by month
New names for girls in 2016

Girl names 2016 by month

The process of choosing a name for a baby from our ancestorsWas reduced to a minimum, as the newborn was called "The Saints" - a church book, where all the saints were recorded whose names are honored in the Orthodox Church. It was believed that a child named in their honor would live happily and very long.

Name for girl 2016

For those parents who want to continue these traditions, let us recall which names for girls by the months of 2016 will be most relevant:

  1. January: Ulyana, Eva, Tatiana, Emilia, Anastasia;
  2. February: Inessa, Maria, Evgenia, Anna, Inna, Xenia;
  3. March: Kira, Nick, Anastasia, Maria, Marianne, Anna;
  4. April: Irina, Daria, Alexandra, Victoria, Louise, Sabina;
  5. May: Elizabeth, Julia, Maria, Alexandra, Taisia, Valeria, Carolina, Christina, Anastasia;
  6. June: Maria, Elena, Anna, Valeria, Ulyana, Sofia;
  7. July: Inna, Margarita, Julia, Elena, Marina, Olga, Rimma, Maria, Emma;
  8. August: Christina, Anna, Ulyana, Maria, Daria, Irina, Xenia;
  9. September: Natalia, Sofia, Elizabeth, Anna, Adeline, Victoria, Maria, Vasilisa, Anna;
  10. October: Irina, Sofia, Veronica, Anna, Taisia, Maria, Vera, Anna, Alina, Zlata, Viola;
  11. November: Anna, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Uliana, Maria, Cleopatra;
  12. December: Catherine, Elizabeth, Anna, Elena, Maria, Karina, Victoria, Anna.

Names of girls by the month of 2016 for the patronymic
On "The Saints", remember that it is not necessary to callBaby in the name of a saint, on the day of her reverence she was born, if you do not like any of the names, or on this day only the holy masculine clans are revered. You can choose the most suitable variant in your opinion, looking a little ahead - for a day or several days. Also, do not call your daughter in honor of the Great Martyr, so that her life would not be difficult and full of hardships.

New names for girls in 2016

Most of the names of girls 2016Echo with the popular names of the past, 2015. So the names Maria, Sofia, Eva, Alina, Anna, Lisa, Daria, Christina, Polina remain relevant. Will pass in 2016 and Anastasia, Nick, Xenia, Julia, Veronica, Darina and Angelina.

For those parents who want to name a babyUnusual, we recommend to consider new names for girls 2016 with old roots (Milena (Milan), Lada, Zlata, Lubava) or foreign origin (Helen, Agnes, Ilona, ​​Violetta, Louise, Camilla, Aurora).

The list of popular names for girls and such once very popular variants as Alexandra, Valeria, Evgenia, Vlada, Natalia, Elena will be added.

Popular names for girls in 2016

Choosing how to name your future clever girl andBeautiful, take into account two more important nuances. First, the name should be consonant and harmonious with the patronymic and surname that your daughter will wear. Secondly, if you name a baby in honor of someone from specific women (relatives, acquaintances or very famous ones) - do not risk the fate of the child, if this woman can not be called happy and successful.

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