/ / Gift for yourself with your mom for you - chamomile made of cotton wool, master class with photo

A gift for your mom for yourselves - chamomile made of cotton wool, master class with photo

A beautiful gift to mom can be made with her own handsLiterally from improvised, accessible to all means. For example - from cotton wool discs, which are in every house today. We offer you a simple master class for the production of a pretty voluminous flower made from cotton discs in the form of chamomile.

Chamomile made of cotton wool: a master class

Necessary materials:

  • Cotton wool double - 8-9 pcs .;
  • White thread;
  • PVA glue;
  • watercolor paints.

Step-by-step instruction for creating chamomile from cotton balls

  1. Let's start with the petals, the preparations of which are madeAs follows: bend one edge of the disk by a third, then - the opposite edge so that something like a hummock or a cone has turned out. The narrowed edge of the workpiece is fixed with a thread, wrapping it around so that it does not turn around. Similarly, we form 7-8 petals.
  2. To make our homemade daisy from the cotton discs wasIt is really similar to its prototype, using threads we connect the ends of all the blanks with each other. At the same time, attach the blanks of the petals to each other in such a way that a circle turns out. To do this, fasten the last tab from the entire bonded chain of blanks to the first with the same thread. Note that the petals need to be spread out with curled edges.
  3. Now go to the middle of the chamomile. It has a yellow flower, so to maximally bring such an original gift to your mother with your hands to a real chamomile, dilute the yellow paint and dip a single cotton disc into it. Gently squeeze out the dyed medium preform and dry it well. After that, drip glue on it and glue it to the main workpiece.

A ready-made hand-made chamomile made of cotton discs can be presented as a voluminous postcard or in the form of a bouquet, "planted" on the stem.

Postcard from cotton wool, master class with photo

Necessary materials:

  • Cotton wool double;
  • Colored paper (green);
  • plasticine;
  • Colored cardboard (blue);
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step instruction for creating chamomile from cotton balls

  1. Prepare the cardboard basis for our gift to my mother with my own hands, for which we cut off half of the cardboard sheet, and already from it we cut out a large oval.
  2. From the colored paper we cut out 3 thin stems and 3-4 leaves. To the last looked volume, gently bend them in half. Ready stems and leaves are glued to the cardboard blank with glue.
  3. We turn to the main accent of crafts - daisiesFrom cotton wheels. Fold the discs in half and cut the edges in the form of chamomile, a little short of the center. For greater convenience, you can pre-apply the cut lines with a pen or pencil.
  4. From the balls of plasticine we form the centers for flowers and place them on the blanks of chamomiles, slightly pressing down.
  5. Finished daisies glued on stems.

For greater effect for this card, you can also make a frame. For example - from modular origami.

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