/ How to teach a baby to water?

How to teach the baby to the water?

Before you start bathing a baby,Which is a pleasure for the user, you must first prepare. The most important rule of any bathing is safety, which must be given maximum attention. If the floor in the bathroom is covered with tiles or a carpet rests on it, overstuff the rubber mat. Rubber mat is worth a penny, but you will save yourself and your baby from falling. After all, slipping on the wet floor, and even holding the child in his arms - a mere trifle. Bathing in this case can turn into a serious injury not only mom, but the baby himself. Even before bathing, it is necessary to prepare a clock and a thermometer for water. By time, you can be guided by the amount of time a child has spent in the water, and the lyvoda has not cooled down.

In the first months of a child's life, in particular, whenStill nepodzhila cord, bathing the child is recommended in a small bath. It's not easy, it's hygienic. In bathing water, it is desirable to add an extract or a decoction of herbs. They not only help to heal the umbilical cord faster, but will also fight with skin rashes, which often appear on the skin of the baby. And after bathing in water with the addition of broth of medicinal herbs, the baby will be better, by calming and relaxing the nervous system. From the second or third month of life, you can try to wash your child in a large bath, which is intended for bathing adults. In it, the baby will begin to move actively, floundering in the water with hands and feet, splashing and having fun. Yes, and the buying in a large bath has its advantages - the water cools much more slowly.

The umbilical wound has not yet healed, babyIt is better to bathe the boiled water, thus preventing the introduction of various microbes that are in the water pipe. The temperature of the water for bathing should vary from 32 to 36 degrees, this water allows the child to relax and will not cause harm to the body. If the child is completely healthy, every 10 days can reduce the temperature of water by one degree, this in turn will help to chill the child.

How often to bathe your baby? Usually this question is most often interested in young mothers. Pediatricians strongly recommend that the bathing procedure be carried out daily, even though after each emptying, the mom is tempting her child. After all, evening bathing allows you to wash off the remains of the urine, which can fall, for example, on the lumbar or even scapula. Every evening baths help the child tune into further retreat to stagnate. The observant mother may notice that as soon as the child is dried dry with a towel, he immediately begins to peck with his nose.

As for the summer, in the heat of bathing a child should be more frequent, preferably after a walk in the daytime.

The most ideal time for swimming is evening,Before the last feeding. The time of the bathing itself can be from five to fifteen minutes. Before bathing, the baby should be undressed and allowed to lie down in the air for several minutes. At this time, you can conduct preventive gymnastics or do an easy massage. Put the baby on the tummy, this will help get rid of the intestines colic and the baby will be more restful in the evening.

The baby should be lowered gradually into the water toHe used to the water and in no case sharply. Quickly lowered child into the water can be crying and frightened, then getting used to bathing can drag on for a long time. Omitting the baby in the water, you need to talk with him all the time, smiling and it is desirable to sing songs. Feeling the gaiety of your mood, the baby will be calm and easier to transfer this procedure.

Lowering the child into the water, support itPalms for the chest, head and under the back of the head. Shake it a little back and forth, and then start dousing. Taking out the baby from the water, immediately wrap it in a towel, it is desirable that it was with a hood. Blot the head and the body gently, until all the water is absorbed. Ears should be wiped with ear sticks, and lobes and a seat with ears with a soft towel.

When the baby is sick, do not stop waterProcedure. To pores of the skin are not hammered by harmful microbes and bacteria, it is necessary to bathe. And the temperature of the water should be one degree or two of the temperature of the baby's body. This bath will speed recovery.

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