/ Can a child be given valerian?

Can I give a child a valerian?

If the child is restless, irritable or constantly crying, often the cause is not in the state of the nervous system, and if you give him a sedative, then this will solve the problem.

On the Internet there are masstats on the topic "Howsoothe the child, "and often there are recommendations for a child's prophylactic reception of the simplest sedative - valerian. But before you give a child a seemingly safe and traditional remedy, you need to know exactly: can you give it to children?

Side effects

Valerian has long been known as an effectivesoothing and anesthetic. Therefore, in pediatrics, you can see such appointments of doctors. She and the crying child will calm the pain away. After all, children often have a child's anxiety because of pain in the living.

Neuropathologists are not unambiguous about the fact thatpediatricians appoint valerian to young children. Like all means of restraint, it can affect the growing and developing nervous system in two ways. One of the side effects is not the child's calming, but rather the stimulation. Recently, half of the children who prescribed this medicine, there is a similar perception of the body of valerian. This effect does not pass instantly.

Following the increased excitability, the following undesirable effect is occurring - allergic reactions, which can be very dangerous for young children.

If you give the child this drug for a long time, thenknow that from it can be frequent headaches and migraines (which the child is unlikely to tell you in words), disturbances in digestion, constipation is replaced by diarrhea.

Some experts say that whenthe constant admission of a valerian child, it reduces all the activity and development in his brain. But do not think that this medicine is evil for a child's body. If there is still no choice, then we highlight the pluses of valerian.

Dosage and treatment options for children

If, after all, your choice has become a nameless under the name "Valerianka", then take note of the following information:

  • Children under the age of 1 are critically prohibitedgive this drug as a tincture, as it contains alcohol, which can be deadly to the child's body. Small children are recommended as inhalation - a few drops of tincture are applied to the cotton disc and lie next to the pillow of the child, breathing in a couple of medicines, it gets a restful effect.
  • After one-year-old age, they are recommended to count as follows: for each year the child is given 1 drop of diluted tincture.
  • Dry grass of this drug is alwayshelped our grandmothers in the treatment of their children. To do this, take out the valerian leaves and place them in a tissue pouch. He is lying near the pillow of the child or hanging on the wall by the bed. For this you can take not only a single valerian, but a mixture of soothing herbs. In the summer at the dacha you can independently grow a collection of sedative herbs, and be 100% sure of their origin.

Relaxing and soothing recommend pediatricians. But note that this bath dries baby skin and it is recommended after bathing to moisten it.

Tolerance and allergenicity

In modern medicine have learned to determinea variety of allergens that can be found in any substance or medicine. Valerian is non-exclusion. You can check this with a test in the laboratory or in your own home. Do it better in the daytime so that the child's reaction to active substances of the gluttons is clearly visible.

The child may have redness, a rash or abdominal pain. If this happens, you should call a doctor or give the child an antihistamine medication.

If you decide to use a variety ofherbal teas as soothing teas, then be more careful, because in the composition of tea there are many herbs, and it is almost impossible to know from which herb your baby has an allergy.

The vagaries of the child can be out of the question because ofdisorders of the nervous system. Maybe he just needs to organize a proper daily routine, when daytime sleep and eating will be at certain hours, and not "as necessary." Before going to bed, it's best to bathe the baby in a warm bath, and then read a fairy tale or do a relaxing massage. After all, the main drug is maternal weasel and love for your child. And then you will not need any valerian.

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