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Safety rules for the child and his parents


Probably, every person faced such aThe situation when a bell rings at the door, you come up, look at the peephole, and there are people there. What to do? Ask who came, quietly withdraw, hide or call family members who do not exist?

In this case, it will be better if you go toSide, suddenly the attackers are armed, and the door may not protect you from the bullet, apt to loudly ask: "Who is there?" However, if the kid was left alone at home, then he should never say that there is no one at home, open the door and Ask strangers to come later. At the same time you need to immediately call the police.

If you still opened the door and intrudersHave entered the house, your task is to use self-defense means (if you are self-confident) to show resistance or to begin to obey their demands. Behave yourself calmly, you do not need to cry and panic, simply, clearly and quickly fulfill the requirements of criminals. Try to gather all the family in one place, in one room, take the children in their hands and try to calm them, moreover, do not make sharp movements. Do not forget that criminals are always afraid, that's why nerves are unstable, which means that a righteous action can deprive you or your child of life. No matter how wicked you are, do not threaten intruders, because their nerves can pass and they will go to the victims, so sit quietly and try to remember as accurately as possible the faces of the attackers. When the first opportunity appears, call to the police, as well as to the ambulance, so that they can help you.

Babysitter for a baby

If you need a nanny, and you decide to contact theThe company that provides such services, then before you take a person to work, you need to do the following: get acquainted with the company, do not rely on a superficial acquaintance and impressive promotional booklets; Do not trust the accounts of employees or other clients, which "accidentally" mentioned employees. Talk with other parents who used the services of a given company. You can also contact the appropriate authorities to collect information about the company you selected.

Do not measure the quality and reliability of the price list, the woes can be specially inflated or vice versa, underestimated.

If you choose a private nanny, thenListen to people you trust, gather as many recommendations as possible, and also do not look at the appearance and age of the nanny, pay attention to the experience of working with children. When you choose a certain person, make inquiries about him, find out what he does, who he worked for, talk with his colleagues, find out what they think about this person. Also you have the right to ask the future nurse to bring health certificates, they also include a psychoneurological dispensary and a skin-venereal dispensary. If you and your husband decided to bring the baby to the nanny's home, then find out more about the men who come to visit her, as well as about family members . If you even hesitate a little, then ask the nanny to come to your home.

Nanny, who will work for you, shouldBe familiar with the security requirements that you apply, you need to show how the locks of the entrance doors work, and how to use this or that device.

Tell the nurse that she is in no wayInvited strangers even if they say they know you. When you return home, be interested, kakyanya with the child spent the day, whether any difficulties arose with a smile. When the woman leaves, ask the baby what they did all day, how the day went, and whether he liked the new-born.

If the child does not like something, then find out why, what caused discontent, try to apply the game, in which the baby will act as a nanny, so he will tell what is wrong.

If you stop believing the nurse and doubt the unreliability, immediately dismiss her, even if you paid her a week in advance. Remember that the safety of a child is more important than money.


As a rule, an elevator in the eyes of children isAn attraction that can roll, moreover, when they enter it, they forget about the safety rules when they ride on the roof or open the elevator doors while driving. What if you can not meet or hold a child yourself?

First of all, you need to consider whether the babyOr go down by the elevator, does he know the safety rules of the lift, what to do if the elevator is stuck, does he know how to call the dispatcher, whether he gets to the button you need, whether he can navigate in any situation.

If the child is not independent, and he can not go himself naftte, then try to conduct it yourself or say it to go down the flimsy.

If the child noticed that someone is approachingA person, will wait for the arrival of the elevator, then he should not turn away. Say that in such a situation you need to turn to him face and prepare to defend yourself.

If the elevator came, and next to it there are strangers, then the kid should not go along with them, but say that he forgot something on the street or left the house.

If, nevertheless, the child gets into the elevator with unknown passengers, then he should stand near the door, and face to the entered.

If suddenly in the elevator man startsPestering, taking off your clothes, you do not need to say that you'll tell Mom and Dad everything or call the police, keep calm, do not cry, try to talk to the rapist.

If the maniac begins to hold you close,Try to push it, on the contrary, hug and strongly bite your lip or nose, or better still try to bite off. If the offender has removed his trousers or starts to unbutton his pants, quickly hit him between his legs, try to press the button of the nearest floor and run away.

If the elevator doors open, and you canRun away, forget the trash, things and other objects, life is more important, run, what are you standing in. If with it there was a deodorant or an aerosol, then squirt it into the eyes of the offender.

Danger from the side

We have already discussed a lot at the expense of danger,Which is provided by strangers, but little was mentioned about the danger that the parents themselves provide. Sometimes we do not hesitate, we endanger the life of our own child. This includes new marriages, divorces, and debts that you will hardly give back, and the usual disregard for the rules of the road. From the very first days, bring up a little trust in the relationship between you. Make sure that the child is not afraid of you or the father, tell the truth about the cases that can occur in life. Thus, you can save the child from many problems.

If you keep a lot of money at home, then do not let that the children know about it, because the kid, without even noticing it, can tell friends on the street or in the apartment, and this will lead to theft.

Encourage your child to thrift, honesty and teachHis life by means. If a child asks for money from you, let them explain why they need them. If you see that the request is not justified, then refuse to issue money, but at the same time explain the reason so that the child understands. If the child is offended, then his anger and resentment will lead to the fact that he himself, without permission, will take money, and this will break the trust relationship between children and parents.

If you are having financial problems, youBegan to threaten, then do not expose the baby to danger, leave it with reliable people or in the orphanage under another name, because the child is your weak and vulnerable place.

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