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Tempering of toddlers: temperature regime, clothes and walks

Temperature conditions

The air temperature in the room where theA baby, is set individually. It is better to strive for a cooler environment, which can vary from 20 to 22 degrees, while the quality of the child and his clothes are all the determining factors.

Fresh air should always enter the room. In the warm season, the windows can be kept fully open, in the cold weather - ajar or open window. In any case, no matter which way you prefer, several times a day the room should be subject to thorough ventilation. So, for example, in a cold time the room is ventilated less than five times a day for 10-15 minutes. Is best suited intensively airing. The child is taken out of the room. During sleep due to airing the temperature of the air in the nursery can be reduced to 18-20 degrees.


Choose for your crumbs a comfortableClothes suitable for the weather, it is not easy, but it comes with experience. You can focus on the following: put on a baby clothes for one layer more than you take on yourself.

Not every kid makes it clear to his parents thatWhile walking it is hot or cold, so you need to monitor it yourself. Watch the temperature of his spout, pens, legs, skin color. Watch his behavior when you are on the street, and keep track of his condition upon returning home. So you can provide maximum comfort to your child and maintain his immunity at the proper level.


In the summer with the baby begin to walk at onceAfter discharge from the hospital. The first walk may last 30 minutes, then add 10-15 minutes more every day. On fresh air the baby should be at least two hours a day. In the summer they walk special.

In the cold season, they are crooked into a coldAir gradually. After discharge, the baby is carried out only in a well ventilated room or on a balcony. After one or two weeks, you can already organize a short walk. At the same time, the temperature of the air on the street for a one-two-month-old baby should be at least 25 degrees, for a three-four-month period, at least 20 degrees, for a child aged five to twelve months, at least 15 degrees. In addition to air temperature, humidity and windiness are also taken into account. As these factors can also lead to cooling of the child's body.

In cold weather, mothers prefer to make two short walks than one long one. Do not forget to smear the baby's face with a protective cream.

Walking, of course, follows the daylight. The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin of the baby, which prevents the development of rickets, so the top of the stroller is often not closed. Do not limit yourself to walking on the balcony. Cloth, glass and polyethylene ultraviolet are practically not passed. In cold weather, the baby's face is not closed, but here it is important to trace then that the baby's head is in the depth of the blanket.

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