/ Do I need a gynecologist for young girls?

Do I need a gynecologist for young girls?

Is there anything to know about the girl's toilet?

  • During the day the baby needs to wash awayWarm water from front to back, so the bacteria that inhabit the intestine will not fall into the vagina, and the hands of the parents must be cleaned up. Mozhnov for these purposes use a cotton swab or napkin.
  • After washing, do not wipe the body dry, but simply soak the moisture. The towel should be special for the child, soft and clean.
  • Every day you should change your panties.
  • If a girl wears diapers, then you need to use a baby cream under the diaper.

It is not advised!

  • Many children's gynecologists strongly sayBecause you do not need to wash your child's sexual organs with soap. So you break the microflora of the vagina and the bacteria will multiply. Because of the frequent use of soap, the mucous membrane will be dry, which will lead to the destruction of the water-fat layer.
  • Do not add various herbs to the water, so you can develop an allergic reaction.
  • To care for the genitals do not need nimochalki, or sponges, it can damage the delicate skin of the baby.

To go without consultation!

Naturally, you do not need to show the girlGynecologist, every six months, as it should be done by adult women. But there are some diseases and symptoms, in which you need to go to the doctor in urgent order:

  • Burning and itching while urinating;
  • Allergic diseases;
  • Discharge from the genital tract, reddening of the mucous membranes and skin of external sex organs;
  • Increased number of leukocytes and bacteria urinalysis;
  • If it seems to you that the child has abnormal genital mutilation;
  • Endocrine problems;
  • If the mother of the baby is ill with trichomoniasis, chlamydiosomes, etc.
  • Chronic and acute pain in the abdomen, as well as changes in its magnitude and appearance;
  • If you have found inguinal hernia, especially two-sided.

If you read these symptoms and understand that your knowledge is not good enough, then it's time to go to the doctor who will explain everything in detail.

For example, a gynecologist

At the reception the gynecologist will examine your girlIt determines whether it is developing correctly in accordance with age normatives. Do not scare the baby in advance, do not dedicate it to all details of the gynecologist's appointment. It is enough for her to know only that she should correctly tell the doctor how old she is and name her name, and also correctly show the armpits, stomach, chest, tongue and back. The children's doctor will very politely ask the girl to lie on her back and offer to take the pozulyagushki. The gynecologist will carefully disassemble the legs and examine the genitals. If the doctor reveals any pathologies, then the mothers will ask permission to be examined with special children's instruments, which will be painful and unpleasant for the baby.

Possible problems

From 6-7 years old girlsCommon pathologies like vulvovaginitis, malformations of the reproductive organs, congenital tumors of the ovaries, fusion of the labia minora, ovarian cysts, premature ripening.

Vulvovaginitis is an inflammation of the mucosaVagina and in our time this is the most common disease in preschool-age babies. Symptoms of this ailment are puffiness around the external genitalia, redness, excretion of the genital organs, and burning and itching. Newborn babies can fall asleep badly and all the time, interrogating, crying, fidgeting and turning. If the urine gets on the skin by damage, then the irritation intensifies. This is due to the fact that the adult women have lactobacilli, which naturally protect the vagina from bacteria, and little girls do not. Sometimes curing vulvovaginitis is not so easy and treatment includes local therapy, increased immunity with vitamins and personal hygiene. If the vulvovaginitis occurs repeatedly or the disease is severe, then the doctor prescribes antibiotics in various forms (creams, suppositories, tablets, solutions, gels). To complete the treatment, the medications are applied topically and through the mouth.

Strangely enough, even babiesThe smallest age can be affected by vulvovaginitis, which are caused by infections that are sexually transmitted. Most often, infants are infected in utero, from the mother, who was infected with the infection during the child's bearing. Everyone should remember this and in due time pay a visit to the doctor with a girl to a gynecologist and to an adult herself.

Vulvovaginitis is serious andA common ailment, but not the only one. Very often this irritation is caused by worms. In addition, girls can introduce foreign bodies not only in the nose and ears, but also in the vagina, and this immediately becomes the cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane. Moms and dads should know that the dengue and reddening of the genitals are sometimes only an allergic reaction of the body.

If the baby is worried about chronic and acute painsIn vivo, or the size and type of the abdomen changed, then a visit to the gynecological office can not be avoided. This can be a consequence of a tumor of the ovaries and cysts, it can be in adult women and in very young girls. Sometimes happens such, that the doctor at ultrasonic inspection of the pregnant woman finds out kistuyichnika at the future babe. Usually, such cysts pass through 2-3 months of childbirth. But if it appeared, then it is necessary to undergo a control ultrasound examination and supervision by a children's gynecologist. Very rarely there are indications to the fact that you need to start surgical treatment.

Ovarian tumors and cysts can sometimes growOf enormous size, fill the entire abdominal cavity and can even wrap around its axis, this leads to abdominal pain in the diarrhea in the diet. Some cysts can develop into malignant formations, so they need to be removed surgically.

At a small age is important in his timeTo address to the gynecologist and to correct improper deletion of genitals at babies. It so happens that at the age of up to two years of girls there may be synechia - the fusion of the small-sexed lips. Because of this, urination becomes difficult and there can be repeated vervovaginitis. Unfortunately, doctors still do not know the reasons for the fusion of the small sexual labia, but there are suggestions that this is due to the peculiarities of the skin of the small sexual labiums of girls reacting to allergens. First there are reddening, and then the collapse of the margins of the labia minora. There is another reason for the appearance of synechia - a small level of estrogen - hormones and an inflammatory process in the vulva. Due to the fact that the sexual lips touch each other, all the conditions for their healing appear during healing. Only when the genital gaps completely overlap and urine can not be released, surgical intervention is required. In other situations, the doctor will prescribe therapy, as a result of which the synechia will disappear.

A pediatric gynecologist will help in solvingEndocrine problems. If the girl's hair begins to appear on the pubic and other open areas of the skin, there is excess or lack of weight, mammary glands grow between the ages of 0 and 8 years, then you urgently need to go to the doctor - these are direct signs of gynecological diseases. With such diseases, conservative therapy can be prescribed with the help of hormonal preparations or surgical correction of maldevelopment of the baby.

Families who at one time turn to a pediatric gynecologist, clearly and consciously follow all the recommendations and advice, often early and timely diagnose diseases and treat them favorably.

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