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Raw materials for baby food

Cooking ourselves

Surely your mother always tells you thatIs the best lure, is it self-cooked potato puree with carrots or zucchini? After all, it was you who grew on such nutrition! However, it's worth remembering that you and your mom grew up at a time when the environmental situation was not as daunting as it is today. At that time, they did not even know what the GMO was, and the fruits and vegetables were only seasonal, just those that grow in the area in which they live.

Naturally, no one will argue thatYou can not give your child home-cooked food. However, if soup or mashed potatoes are prepared at home, you should carefully choose products, since no one will give you a guarantee that the vegetables and fruits sold on the market are environmentally friendly, that they have not been treated with harmful fertilizers, that during transportation and their Storage technology was not violated! Such a guarantee can be obtained only if you (or your relatives) are the "producer" of these vegetables-fruits.

To guarantee the maximum quality of products,Which are used for the preparation of children's complementary foods, vegetables and fruits are grown on a bio-farm (European). On this farm chemicals are not used, and cows graze in exceptionally clean meadows.

Such bio-farms are by all rules locatedAway from busy highways and industrial zones. Weeds that grow on similar farms are removed mechanically, without the use of "chemistry"! Products grown in this way contain 10% (if compared with products grown by modern technology) more minerals, vitamins and other nutritional components.

Meat from which the ecologicalLure for children, does not contain antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones. After all, animals eat only natural fodders, without admixtures of artificial components, because pastures, on which cattle graze environmentally friendly, because there are also strict requirements.

Special marking

On ecologically clean baby food for the first timeEuropeans started talking, which also came up with jars with an eco-friendly product to put the BIO badge. Such marking under European laws is placed only on bio-organic products. The presence on the baby food package of the BIO marking ensures that all stages of manufacturing: raw materials for baby food, packaging and transportation of ecological products are strictly controlled by the EU, therefore, dyes, artificial preservatives and flavors are not used in the manufacturing process.

Quality control

In any civilized European countryThe law on BIO-organic production and agriculture, where the highest demands are made specifically on food for children's food, is working. In addition, a special independent monitoring body has been established, issuing a bio-organic certificate, which confirms that the products meet the standards. The presence on the food package for children of the BIO marking, with reference to this body, ensures that the product content fully meets the official bio-prescriptions of the European Union and that the product is certified.

Such production passes many differentanalyzes: a large number of samples of raw materials for baby food are taken, and then a ready meal for children. The production of bio-nutrition for children without their own laboratories is not complete. Due to ultra-modern technical equipment, it is possible to detect about 800 conceivable residues of harmful substances in small enough doses. As soon as the harmlessness of the original product is confirmed, it is allowed for further use.

Of course, parents will have to choose whichfood is most suitable for their child, however, having detailed information, it will be much easier. The main thing is that this choice should be correct.

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