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Favorite color of the child and his character

So, why does a child choose a particular color? As a rule, children like bright colors, and this has its own meaning.

Red children are purposeful and activeKids. These are the born leaders: the child sets a goal and achieves it. Such children are very mobile, energetic and purposeful. The reverse side of the coin is that "red" children are often quick-tempered and unbalanced. Nevertheless, these children are easily trained.

Green children should be able to distinguish the same way asGreen color with a variety of shades. Lovers of light green color are smart, calm and optimistic kids, with a bright imagination and analytical mind. But lovers of dark green shades, on the contrary, are often closed children. Such color, as the rule, is chosen by children, who feel lack of attention from their parents. "Green" children need increased attention and care from their parents. Thesemodems need to engage in creativity, communicate more with children and actively explore the world around them.

Pink children - timid, tender and emotionalKids. Pink is a truly girlish color, the color of puppet dresses and children's cosmetics. If the pink color is preferred by the boy - this is a serious reason to think about, because such a selection speaks about isolation, weakness and uncertainty. Nevertheless, the guys can choose this color, because it is associated with sweets or can be the result of increased emotionality. If the baby draws only pink, it is a sign that the child needs increased care and attention from adults. Often hug and kiss your child, show attention to him.

Yellow is the color of leadership and future victories. They are clever kids with a fancy imagination, often in the future leaders, influential people, politicians and business people. Such children are sociable and very inquisitive. In addition, the child's choice of yellow indicates a peaceful and friendly environment in the family.

Orange kids are born optimists, fun, active, sociable kids with a rich imagination. In the future such children can grow talented artists and artists.

The blue child is a calm, peaceful babyAlready with a rather adult outlook. They are lovers of quiet games, brooding, impressionable, melancholy children. They are calm and seldom capricious. These are industrious guys, often slow, seeking solitude.

Purple color is chosen by a child with a richImagination, very sensitive and sentimental. Such children are very artistic, they often draw and sculpt. In the future, from such a child can grow an artist, a man of art.

White color is preferred by observant, emotional, shy children, little philosophers.

Brown color can choose a child, experiencing for some reason tension, emotion. If the child chooses a brown color permanently, it is necessary to ensure rest from the adults.

A study of the character of a person by his favorite colorAre engaged in psycho-chromotherapists. Do not follow the categorically categorical attitude to the color perception of your child, because children grow, and color perception also changes. Until ten years, many kids often call color pink, yellow and red, then preferences radically change. Color preferences of children are closely related to sexual identity. And this is not surprising, because we are from early childhood devochekodevaem in pink, red clothes, the same they have dolls. The boys are dressed in more subdued colors, thereby determining the "color of the boys".

Manufacturers of toy cubes use colorPalette when developing a toy. Knowledge of the influence of colors can and should be applied by parents in the process of teaching, by pushing and inspiring their child to the most positive results in learning, creativity and development.

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