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What kind of computer games can a child play?

Is the computer necessary for the child?

Definitely yes, provided it is correctUse, this conclusion was reached by scientists who studied this issue. Just do not forget that you should reduce the amount of time that the child spends on the computer.

15 minutes is enough for children of threeAge, doshesti years - 0,5 hours twice a day, for preschool children - a maximum of 40 minutes a day or two. Otherwise, the child, receiving abundant emotions, will be overexcited, overtired, which will cause undesirable consequences, such as a deterioration in vision and lack of attention.

Computer games-will they benefit?

In everything you need to know the measure. After familiarizing yourself with computer games, you will come to the conclusion that the correctly chosen game will be very convenient, representing assistance in training. Those. Not always parents will be able to give just how much will give an exciting and informative game. In addition, the possession of computer skills will be useful to the child in the sense that a large part of the profession today is directly related to computer knowledge. Many games that teach to read and write, and logically and spatially think. Among children who own a computer, there is greater communication, And communication. However, you should always remember that the pleasure of studying in the computer was normalized, to control the carriage and, if possible, to choose a modern monitor that is not so harmful to the eye.

Games for little ones

Games designed for children are divided into twoCategories are dynamic and static, the difference of which is the requirement of constant surveillance of the actions of the heroes of the game in order to concentrate the attention of the player's reaction.

Start teaching your child to use the keyboard,Mausom and it is more expedient from games static. Beginning to play unpretentious games, a child from 2 years old can quite easily acquire the initial skills of using a computer.

There are games in which clicking on bright imagesZveryushek hearing at the same time the sounds they make, the child can be assigned a logical task, such as, for example, sorting out figures in color or assembling large and understandable puzzles.

Games designed for young children are designed for their overall development, which includes notions about the form and quality of the subject.

Games for preschool and school age

Games for preschool and school childrenDiffer in their script, plot and degree of complexity, i.e. Games with sports themes are classified as dynamic games, they imitate any game in the sport, for example tennis or hockey, in which the child participates as one of the players. The goal of the game is to win the victory. These games are useful in that they form such qualities in the child as a spirit, but teachers and psychologists in their recommendations adhere to the notion that one should not substitute a real sport for sports in virtual type. In hockey, children should play in the yard, i.e. In the real world, and not in the computer monitor.

To static games are differentPuzzles, but some of them can also be classified as dynamic. Classics in this genre is Tetris, which is familiar to many adults. Children do not always like these games - they consider them boring and not bright in color. However, nevertheless, these games will be useful to future mathematicians and philosophers.

Very dynamic are consideredShooting games that involve shooting at targets and shooting with opponents. Most of all these games, awakening militancy, like boys. Psychologists, alas, do not approve of these games, believing that they develop aggression, engender cruelty and violence. Without being able to switch from the virtual world to the real world, children can find signs of violence in real life appearing normal in them. In addition, children, because of their age, the concept of death is not developed enough to understand that in real life a person has an unsafe life, like heroes in computer games. Such games should be avoided, especially those in which bloody scenes and murders are involved.

In games-simulators the kid learns to controlCar, care zazveryushkami, prepare various dishes - all this allows the baby to feel like an adult. Will bring the game the benefit of your children or not - it all depends on how well they are matched. So, a child, in a playful form, can be taught to read, to instill in him the skills of mastering a foreign language.

Children from six years of age recommend gamesAdventure character. Implicit in the development of scenarios in outright situations, they develop in the child such qualities as perseverance, patience and concentration. Choosing games, you need to be based on the fact that the script did not have elements of fear and violence. Also it is necessary to limit the time allocated for games.

What you need to know and remind parents

How correctly the games were not chosen, it is necessaryIt is always remembered that, being at the computer more than the required time, the child is re-excited, which affects both the nervous system and the eyes. Therefore, the time spent at the computer should be normalized and serve as an incentive to the child for good behavior. However, it is not necessary to cultivate this cult in matters of education. If your computer is connected to the Internet, you need to set up a site filter, but it's best to control the actions of your child on the Internet.

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