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How to protect a child from perverts?

  • Because he was ashamed.
  • Because he felt guilty.
  • Because he was afraid. Knowing that they will not believe him.

It is unlikely that in our country the situation is much better,We simply did not conduct such studies. Do not think that this passes for the child without a trace, even if it is very small to understand what was done to it. This memory will never disappear and after a while he will understand everything. Do not think that among your friends and acquaintances there can not be perverts - you do not know this for sure, because usually they look like well-bred, educated, normal people. Remember: such people can also be among doctors, teachers, coaches, supervisors, etc. - all those who work in children's institutions.

How to protect the child and at the same time do not sow distrust in his soul to all people in general?

From the first years of life, accustom your child to the fact thatHis body belongs only to him and no one has the right to touch him without the permission of the baby. Do not kiss or press the child if he does not want it at this moment. And never allow this to be done by other people and relatives, including grandmothers, grandfathers, etc ..

Explain that almost none of the acquaintances andUnfamiliar adults do not want the child evil. "Bad" is very little and not necessarily that the child will meet them. But it's impossible to know "bad", because they look like "good." Therefore, just in case, one can not go anywhere with anyone except with the permission of the parents.

Tell the child how the "bad" lure children: Treats and toys; A promise to show something interesting - puppies, kittens, cartoons, an interesting game on the computer, etc .; Requests for help; References to parents ("I was sent to you by my mother ...").

Do not tell the details that "bad"Can make a child, but say that it is very scary. If the child, without asking permission, went from the yard, to neighbors, to friends - the punishment must be strict: you should permanently prohibit him from walking (or meeting with friends, games, cartoons, etc.). The connivance in this matter will respond to you with terrible experiences when the child reaches adolescence and you do not know where he is, with whom ...

And the most important thing: Do your best to have the child trust you. The child's stories about himself and about the events in his life will help you determine how much the child adapts to various situations and can protect himself. Only in this way you can find out if there are perverts among his entourage and take measures to protect him. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should always listen to the child if he wants to tell you something. And if your child does not need to talk about his, then you yourself should call him to talk. The best way is to tell a story from your childhood or from the childhood of your family or friends. This is very interesting for children: "it manifests itself when my mother (my dad) was as small as I, and terrible, unpleasant, funny stories also happened to them!".

Keep in mind: if a child does not have contact with parents, then it is sought by other people and outside the home.

So, the goal of "safe" education is to instillThe child is confident that if he adheres to certain rules of conduct, he will not be in trouble, and if there is a dangerous situation, he will find a way out of it, because his parents taught him how to do it.

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