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How to teach a child to bed?

Undoubtedly, it is unlikely that those parents,Who, from birth, taught the child to sleep separately, a similar problem may arise. But the offspring, in whom the baby is accustomed to sleeping with them, she may require a lot of time and effort. The best way is to teach the baby to sleep separately.

When is the best time to start doing this? Approximately at the age of half a year, when it is not required so much night feeding and the baby starts to turn in a dream, trying to take the most comfortable position, you can proceed. At the same time, it is permissible to teach the child to sleep separately and in a year and two later.

If the parents decide that they will teach the childSleep separately, they must be consistent in this decision. During training, categorically not give in to the child and give him to sleep with his parents, otherwise the training will be successful.

First of all, the child must be laid to sleepEvery day is the same time. Going to sleep should be indicated by some kind of a certain one, which should also be done every day. A similar ritual can be a lullaby, a massage, a fairy tale for the night, cradling your favorite toys, viewing pictures with pictures, etc. For the ritual, everything will do, the main thing is that it should be calm and should not be too long (the optimal time is 10-15 minutes).

Immediately after the ritual, you should sit with the child,Until he falls asleep, after which the parents should leave the bed. If the baby wakes up, then it is necessary to approach and calm it, but do not take out its bedding. After the child falls asleep - you must go away again. If a child wakes up often, then the interval between how he calls his mother and his approach to the crib should be gradually increased, each time explaining to the child that the parents are near and afraid of nothing. At the beginning of the period of instruction, the child usually wakes up very often, but as it gets used it goes naked, until the baby learns to sleep peacefully all night.

Essentially helps in getting used to sleepingSeparately, the method of "substitution" of the mother, when, if the mother needs to move away, she leaves it, leaving her favorite toy and saying something like "bunny, look at meek while I'm not around." On return the toy needs to be thanked for "supervision". Gradually, the baby gets used to sleeping next to the toy, which is for him a symbol of maternal care and warmth.

If the child sleeps in a separate room, thenFear of losing his mother can torment the fear of darkness. To help the child get rid of this fear, the parents can sleep for some time in the same room, so that the child is cured, that there is no danger. It is also possible to use the night lamp for this purpose.

Some parents do the following:They wait until they have a baby in their bed, after which they take him to a cot. If the child is sensitive to the lack of parents, the baby is quite calm, it is also possible to use this method.

What other methods are there to teach a child to sleepIn the crib? Odnozhshina invented this method by accident. When she decided that the child should be separated separately, she ordered a crib for her daughter. The cot was brought in quickly, but the mattress under it was delayed. Mother often told the girl how she would sleep wonderfully in her own bed, just like an adult, when the mattress was finally delivered, the girl herself asked to sleep in her bed. Thus, the expectation of something exciting can well become a significant help in the matter of teaching a child to sleep in his crib.

The last tip for moms: trust your feelings, because any mother feels what is best for her child. Act according to these sensations, and the child's adaptation to the crib will pass easily and painlessly.

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