/ What vaccinations are needed in the kindergarten?

What vaccinations are needed for a child in the kindergarten?

All vaccinations should be carried out in advance, so that the body has time to develop immunity. It is better to observe all the terms of vaccination and, if possible, not to miss them.

The presence of the necessary vaccines can prepare the immunity of the child to the effect of a variety of microbes. They also protect the body from serious diseases.

Obligatory vaccinations for the kindergarten:

  • Poliomyelitis, tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.

These mandatory vaccinations, which must beNecessarily held to 2 years of age. Many know that the vaccination against whooping cough is very difficult and unpleasant. But do not forget that this disease is extremely dangerous for the life and health of the child. Pertussis is quite widespread and should not be taken for a chance, but it is better to protect yourself with a vaccine.

  • Rubella - parotitis - measles

Some parents refuse thisInoculations. They motivate this by the fact that the child must himself suffer from them. But it is worth thinking about the serious consequences of these diseases. In case of infection with measles, serious inflammation can occur, affecting the brain, some will remain disabled for life. And parotitis has a strong effect on the reproductive system, especially boys.

This vaccine is done once, in the formCombination of three vaccines. Do not divide it into several parts. For an organism this will be much more difficult. If the child has already been ill with one of the listed diseases, the appropriate component is removed from the vaccine. Immunity after the disease will form independently.

  • Hepatitis B and tuberculosis

The main way to transfer this type of hepatitisThis is the direct ingress of the blood of an infected person into the human body, as well as sexual relations. The vaccination against hepatitis B is easily tolerated.

The clinic on the basis of a medical card doesAn extract in which all the vaccinations are indicated. They are entered in a special card, which is subject to transfer to a children's institution. It will be kept by the nurse, who will further follow the further vaccination of children. If the child has a withdrawal from vaccinations for medical reasons, such children must be admitted to the kindergarten.

If parents want to maximally protect a child, it is necessary to have additional vaccination before visiting the kindergarten. This will allow children to avoid many dangerous diseases.

Doctors recommend to get vaccinatedFrom hepatitis A. The kindergarten creates ideal conditions for infection. Hepatitis A has a very strong effect on the liver. After vaccination in exceptional cases, you can meet a slight fever or malaise.

Meningococcal infection is very dangerous. It causes the occurrence of meningitis, which is characterized by severe inflammation of the meninges. Vaccination is carried out at 6 months of age and no serious reactions occur. If only a little redness of the injection site.

In the summer, you can meet a large number ofTicks. They gradually move to cities and they can be found almost everywhere. As a result of their bite, tick-borne encephalitis can occur, which has very serious consequences. To protect your child, you need to have an inoculation that contains an exclusively lifeless virus.

In early autumn, you can vaccinate against the flu. In young children, there is no natural protection against influenza. But it is worth remembering that in the presence of egg allergy, it is completely contraindicated.

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