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Intimate hygiene of infants

Hygiene of boys

  • Boys should be washed when he wet the diaper three times. If a child wears disposable diapers, he needs to be washed every three hours.
  • The boy's penis is washed without anyEffort, with soft movements, uncover the head. For washing use baby soap. Remains of moisture after washing, remove with a powder, pour a little powder on your palm and "powder" the baby's crotch, very gently - inguinal folds and skin around the scrotum. Then moisten the cotton wool with baby oil and grease at first folds in the middle of the thighs, then between the buttocks, wrinkles and inguinal.
  • Before going to bed, see if the excess has accumulatedSmegma in the foreskin, such as curdled crumbs. It is necessary to take a piece of sterile cotton wool and moisten in a sterile petrolatum oil, then with gentle movements, without any efforts, to expose the head and remove the curdled crumbs of smegma. Do not leave fiber wool. Then drip with oil on the index finger, lubricate the head and close the foreskin. When the boy sits on the pot, it can be less often washed away, but you can clean up the smigma every day.
  • Observe the hygiene of clothing. It should be on a season, not to press anywhere, to correspond to growth of the child and to be from natural fabrics.
  • Overheating and supercooling in boys "bottom" is harmful.

Girls' hygiene

  • After birth in girls for severalDays can be spotting. And this is considered normal. Because of the body of the child so hormones are excreted by the mother. At this time, you need to wash every two hours a child and change disposable diapers.
  • You can not wash the girl's genitals in the bath, butOnly to wash in boiled running water. If you do hygienic procedures on the changing table, then use cotton swabs for this purpose. After changing the diaper, you need to wash the baby. Wash the genitals with a hand from the pubic to the coccyx, otherwise the fecal matter will fall on the labia and cause inflammation.
  • In the 1st year of life for hygienic proceduresUse water. Manganese, cosmetic products are not allowed, because they violate the protective function of the skin and dry it. If the feces get on the genitals, then after a year you can use liquid soap for intimate hygiene of girls or baby soap. Detergent should not enter the genital cleft. If the girl has an opacity or irritation, you can wash away with a weak solution of sage, calendula, chamomile. Ensure that before 7 years of detergents do not overdry the skin of the genitals. You can use soap not more than once in seven days. And it is better to use one water.

After a hygienic procedure for babiesIt is necessary to dry the child's skin with a clean separate towel. It is not allowed to use this towel by other family members. In addition, the child should have his own washcloth and soap. When the girl's genitals are washed and wiped, the external part of the genitalia should be lubricated with baby cream.

The baby should have underwear fromNatural material, it needs to be changed daily. This clothing should not tighten the genitals. Wash linens and children's clothing should be separate from adult things.

From three months to four months, from 7-9 years and from13-14 years on the labia of the child appears white coating, which is called smegma. It is formed as a result of the sebaceous glands of the external genital organs. Girls need to remove smegmu swab, which must be pre-moistened in boiled water or in boiled olive oil. In more mature age, the mother must teach the girl how to take care of her own sexual organs, that is, The basics of intimate hygiene.

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