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What does the apartment dream about: own apartment, another's apartment, moving to an apartment

Moving to another apartment

  • In general, the new apartment dreams ofPositive financial changes that will lead to financial independence. In addition, for people who do not yet have a partner, this dream can promise new pleasant acquaintances that will lead to a long romantic relationship.
  • Moving to someone else's apartment - to change in allAspects of life. An important role is played by what emotions you experienced in a dream. A bright room, which caused positive emotions and tranquility, promises a bright fortune. Any your endeavor will be successful, you can get a new, more profitable position at work or start an interesting project that will help you to realize yourself. A dark and gloomy premise means a period of difficulties and difficulties in solving your pressing problems and problems.
  • A young girl who wandered about in a dreamCan expect to get married soon. And for those who are already married, a similar dream portends a love adventure, which can result in a lengthy romance.

  • Doing repairs in your apartment means that you are on the right track and your life will soon be adjusted due to the efforts made.
  • To see in a dream an old apartment promises difficulties in carrying out the plan.
  • A lot of living space dreams on the eve of major changes. Fate prepares you for great prospects and opportunities, correctly using which you can reach a new level of life.

Buy a new apartment in a dream

  • Such a dream means that soon you will have the opportunity to invest finance in an enterprise that will bring you quick and easy benefits.
  • Moving to a new home means that in your lifeThere comes a stage of changes that will be characterized by a change of priorities. If you are forced to move to an old apartment, you will have some difficulties in achieving your goals.
  • If you dreamed that you moved to yourOld apartment, then you feel nostalgic for the old days. Perhaps you should meet with old friends or visit places with which you have pleasant memories.

  • Clean the apartment and collect things for movingMeans that a person subconsciously seeks to establish a family home. To women this sign promises a happy family life with an understanding husband and obedient children.
  • Night vision in which you sell your homeMeans that you are trying to get rid of old and unnecessary memories and connections. In addition, such a dream can dream as a warning about the imminent receipt of unexpected financial benefits (for example, inheritance).
  • It is important for couples to remember how theyDreamed of housing. If after the repair it has become light and cozy, then in the relations between the partners harmony will come, but when the apartment is gloomy and the repair has not come to the end, the relations are most likely to be under threat and there is even the possibility of a break.
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