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Kindergarten. To drive or not to drive?

The main advantage of visiting a kindergarten issocialization. It is here that the child gets used to the society, learns to interact with others. Communicating with other children, kids get used to responsibility. Important in the life of each child and the regime, the correct alternation of work and rest. At home, it is not easy to organize. In addition, as far as grandmothers are concerned, we all know that they always pamper their beloved grandchildren, so they are unlikely to be able to strictly follow the daily routine of the child. Nurse, of course, will cope with this better. She will be able to deal with the baby, prepare him for school. But the child still does not get enough communication.

Many parents feel sorry for their children. It seems to them that the child feels alone in the kindergarten, abandoned. To some extent, this is true. Every person, especially a small one, should get used to the new situation. It is possible that the first time the child will not be easy. But over time, the baby adapts and becomes more independent and self-confident.

Another drawback of visiting the kindergartenIt is believed that, being in a large cluster of people, the child will often get sick. Of course, such a risk exists. Nobody is immune to disease. But on the other hand, we all know that some diseases are easier to tolerate at a younger age. No wonder they are called "children's". Perhaps this is not for everyone to be a consolation. After all, everyone is afraid of health problems in the child. But after all, frequent illnesses in kindergarten - this is not a natural phenomenon. It all depends on the immunity of the child. Many children get sick and are at home, and someone in the kindergarten manages not to get infected even with chickenpox, which, as you know, is transmitted quite easily and quickly.

Apparently, a visit to the kindergarten canAffect the child both negatively and positively. Therefore, this issue must be taken very seriously. First of all, you need to individually approach each child. It all depends on the nature. For someone, perhaps visiting a kindergarten will be very difficult psychologically, someone will help. It is not necessary to give the child to a kindergarten very early. And it is better for some children to stay at home until the age of four, if parents have such an opportunity.

It is also very important to prepare the child for the children'sGarden physically, and not only psychologically. It is necessary to strengthen the immunity of children, temper them, reinforce the body with vitamins and trace elements. And then "sadikovskie" illnesses to the kid will not be terrible.

Of course, the choice of a teacher also needs to be approachedwisely. Look closely at how he treats children. Remember that a good teacher should treat everyone individually, as a person, even a small one. Take an interest in the program of education in the kindergarten. It will be better if innovative methods are welcomed in the kindergarten. Learning, especially a child, is always easier and more interesting in game form.

Summarizing, we can say that a visitKindergarten is useful for many children. However, you need to remember that this should be a good kindergarten. And this is not necessarily a commercial institution. There is an opinion that it's expensive to pay for good. Not always. Good teachers work in ordinary kindergartens. The main thing is to carefully treat your child and make the right choice.
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