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Duties of the godmother

At the ceremony

The godmother for the child is chosen by his parents,Because the baby is not able to solve this issue on his own. In rare cases, baptism is performed at an older age, then the child can choose the godmother himself. When choosing a godmother, most couples think of those who are close to their family and are a supporter of the same faith that they themselves are. The godparents should really take care of the child, be a role model for the rest of his life.

Regardless of the denomination of Christianity, in whichThere is a ceremony of baptism, the godmother is obliged to make certain statements. In the Roman Catholic Church, at the time of baptism, the god mother turns to Christ about repentance in sins and renounces evil. In Protestant Baptism, the godfather makes such statements, but in addition declares that "he will come to Christ" and "will present Christ." The godfather usually holds the child in her arms and poses for the photographer after the ceremony of baptism, if desired. During baptism, the godmother and parents are invited to answer questions on behalf of the child. Priests can ask the godmother about whether she is ready to pray for the child and, if necessary, take care of him. The godmother will also be invited to declare their Christian faith during the service. Among all the godfathers there is an unofficial centuries-old tradition of giving a gift to a child during baptism.

After the ceremony

Official commitments of the godmotherAre that she acts as the spiritual guide of her godson and sets an example of a Christian way of life. If you pray, you should pray for godson and pray for wisdom, so that all your actions say that you are a good and loving godmother. If the child's parents are far away or unwell, invite the child to visit with you the church. Informally, your role as godmother is comparable to a spiritual sponsor or friend. Remember your duties on weekdays and on religious holidays that are associated with the child, as well as his birthday and other occasions.

As a moral guide

Your godson can come to you with questions aboutLife and spirituality. You will never be able to answer all the questions, but your role as a godmother requires that you take seriously any problems of your godson. In the period of emotional and spiritual outbursts in the life of a godson, the godmother will always offer him his support. For example, if a child has problems at school or in a relationship with his parents, you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. In the event that the parents of your godson die, you can become his legal guardian.

It has become a tradition for the godparents to give gifts to theirGodchildren on their birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. Although this practice is common, it is not really part of the duties of the godparents. The godmother should be interested in the spiritual growth of the child. The godparent is an example of a godly life for the child and she must be ready to share her faith with him.

Being a godfather is not a legal obligation, but a spiritual one. Duties of the cross begin with baptism and continue throughout her life and the life of the child.

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