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Massage Therapy for a Child

The Benefits of a Baby Massage

Massage brings an irreplaceable varietyBenefit the child. It promotes active stimulation of development and complete relaxation of soft tissues. Also, professional massage allows you to quickly identify any excessively tight areas of the body, as well as places of acute discomfort or full rigidity (immobility). A good, quality massage is a fruitful means of satisfying the child's inherent need for physical contact. It is a remedy that can provide the baby with a significant advantage in further development. Massage will allow him to properly relax in time and then move freely.

Therapeutic massage helps the child cope withSuch deviations as flat feet, torticollis and clubfoot. It is successfully used to relieve pain in intestinal colic, muscle hypertension (they suffer many babies) and hypotonia. There are effective therapeutic massage therapies for children with central nervous system diseases, asymmetry of the trunk and extremities, congenital muscular torticollis, congenital dislocation of the joints, dysplasia of the hip joints, congenital clubfoot, umbilical hernia, deformity of the foot shape.

Different procedures can be performed with childrenOf different ages. However, any impact on the muscles and skin of the child leads to good results after several sessions of therapeutic massage. In general, there are only three types of children's massage: therapeutic, therapeutic and corrective and preventive. And therapeutic massage is the most complex, requiring a professional approach. With its help it is possible not only to eliminate pathology, but also to consolidate the result obtained, to prevent the possibility of relapses.

Special methods of children's massage

In the course of a therapeutic massage, dosedMechanical irritations on the naked body of a child with special techniques that are performed by the hands of a massage therapist. When using a massage for children, classical techniques are used, but they are performed softer and more gentle (especially shock vibration techniques). In the therapeutic massage for children, 4 main methods are used: the reception of stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration.

Stroking affects the nerve endingsThe top layer of the skin. Light stroking massage relaxes and soothes, therefore movements in it should be very gentle. Stroking can act at the level of the superficial layers of the skin, relaxing the strained muscles (with hypertonia) and strengthening the inhibitory process in the cortex of the child's brain. This method is made by the palm surface of the hand with a gentle, soft touch. During the first three months of life in children (even with increased nervous excitability), you can apply only a gentle stroking massage.

Rubbing is also stroking, but moreIntense and deeper. It promotes general relaxation of muscles, reducing the excitability of the nervous system of the baby. You can produce it with the help of one, two or three fingers and the palm surface of the brush in a circular motion clockwise from the brush to the shoulder. Movements are more energetic than with ordinary stroking. In this case, a therapeutic effect on the deeper layers of the baby's skin occurs.

Kneading is similar to grinding, but in the course of itThere is an even deeper therapeutic effect on the whole organism. With the help of three fingers (index, middle and nameless), a number of circular and progressive movements are simultaneously performed, energetically kneading the muscles of the child.

Reception of vibration is carried out by means of one,Two or all fingers. In the course of it, pressure should be applied to the tissues with the pads and the palmar or the back surface of the straightened fingers. It is also possible to perform vibration with the whole palm or only with the supporting part of the brush. The reception is carried out with one or both hands.

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