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Diseases in children from 12 to 14

Emotional problems

Unfortunately, some adolescents developSerious emotional problems requiring professional help. Mental diseases that can occur in children from 12 to 14, require immediate treatment to avoid further consequences for the health of the child. Such kind of diseases in children arise as a result of stressful situations due to alcoholism of one of the parents or in dysfunctional families.

It is not surprising that in children at this ageThere are problems with alcohol and drug abuse. They often start to experience these things to feel better and release their stress and get rid of problems.

Today there are other health problemsTeenagers. For example, digestive disorders, which leads to anorexia (a disease that leads to excessive weight loss) and bulimia.

Among adolescents, depression is common. Some children from 12 to 14 suffer from bipolar disorder or manic-depressive psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chronic diseases

For adolescents with chronic illness orDisability, the period of development is a difficult problematic period of time. Adolescence is a unique time of mental and physical development. Chronic diseases and disabilities create physical limitations and often require repeated visits to the doctor and may include a set of medical procedures.

Chronic diseases in adolescence complicate the life of the child.

Bronchial asthma, heart disease orDiseases of the gastrointestinal tract are illnesses in children, which require a long-term in-patient examination, and sometimes surgical intervention. Prolonged stay in inpatient medical institutions can become on the way of further development and study of the adolescent.


A common problem for many children from 12 to 14 years are headaches. Headache can appear occasionally, in some children suffer a constant headache.

There are many causes of headaches in adolescents. This is a migraine or headache caused by overexertion or fatigue.

The causes of these headaches are still being studied by specialists.

The cause of the primary headache is the dysfunction of the neurons in the brain, changes in the blood vessels supplying the blood to the brain.

Secondary headaches can be caused by voluminous formations in the brain, such as brain tumors, high head pressure, meningitis, or an abscess.

These headaches are much less common than the primary headaches.

Chronic progressive headache increases over time. Headaches occur more often and become more intense.

To find out the cause of a teenager's headache, consult a specialist.

Teenage pimples

If children aged 12-14 years have suchProblems should be addressed to a dermatologist, who specializes in skin diseases. If a child really suffers from this disease for a long time, which causes discomfort and problems in relations with peers, then treatment should begin immediately. At this stage in life, many children suffer from this condition. This has nothing to do with face washing or uncleanliness. It is a disease that requires medical intervention.

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