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What colors do children like from 8 years old?

Have you ever wondered why small andAlready grown up children are so attracted to television advertising? Because it is colorful, dynamic and bright. Psychologists strongly advise parents to buy for their children, especially after 5-8 years of bright, colorful clothes. This is what gives the child's brain a full development. Different patterns and riot of bright colors inspire children's interest, makes them think creatively, make their own conclusions. With this, the general development of the little man begins.

Colors in clothes - an incentive to develop

Thinking about what clothes for a child are 8 years oldMust necessarily be blue with the boy and pink with the girl, the parents completely deprive children of the necessary ability to develop creatively. A rich range of colors allows children to develop imagination, creative thinking. If the child grows surrounded by colorful toys and bright wallpaper, wears bright clothes, he will more show his inner creative abilities. This will certainly positively affect the learning and the mood of the child.

Children's clothing must correspond to the mainCriterion - it should be made of natural tissue. Uniformity is highly undesirable - it's better if on clothes there are cheerful patterns or colored appliqués. A shirt with a beautiful typewriter or a doll in front will not only cause positive emotions in the child. She will prompt you to touch the drawing, to make relatively figurative conclusions about it. Therefore, when choosing between monochrome and colored children's clothing, it is better to stop the attention on the latter.

What color to choose

When dressing a child, you should avoid pure white. It is quite boring and depressing color, although it is considered noble. The child will not feel comfortable in it. In addition, white very easily gets dirty, it will be a burden for mom to constantly wash off noticeable spots. And tyrannize the child with constant exclamations "Beware, smear!" Is completely useless.

As for black, gray and brownFlowers, they should be present in the clothes of a child of 8 years old on a par with the rest. This is necessary in order for it to develop harmoniously. The main thing is that there is not a sharp skew in the direction of any of them. Do not let these stiff colors predominate in the baby's wardrobe.

Yellow is ideal for children's clothing. He actively stimulates intellectual development, always causes pleasant emotions. Some green shades in clothes will help to calm the child's nerves. If the baby's pajamas are gently green, then there will be no problems with sleeping.

Blue clothes calms the child, makesImmerse yourself in the inner world. Let this color be outerwear for walking in the air. Pink will always help to smooth out the negative, forget about the bad situations that caused the excitement.

Red color suits young leaders, he alwaysEncourages the child to act actively. Do not get too carried away with such colors - it can easily lead to unnecessary stimulation of the child's nervous system. Children's clothing of orange shades combines the main advantages of red and yellow. Such clothes cause positive emotions and the desire to go forward to their goal.

Pink is the color of feminine refinement andTenderness. Recently, many parents began to include pink color and a boy's wardrobe. This color gives its possessor feminine qualities, which leads to the formation of an incorrect behavior for the boy. And sometimes parents of girls completely exclude from their wardrobe a pink color, which is also extremely wrong.

Remember: In children's clothes and in everything that surrounds the 8-year-old child, there must be a variety of colors. It is better, if there will not be any prevalence. So you will create good conditions for the creative development of your child.

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