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How small children suffer polio vaccinations

How do children suffer an inoculation against polio?

This disease is mainly affected by children, thatWas reflected in the name of the disease, which was called acute infantile paralysis. Even the best conditions will not protect a child, sometimes even an adult, from this terrible disease. For example, President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the age of 39 fell ill with polio, and for life stopped moving freely.

90% of diseases occur in children under six years old. This virus spreads with infected water or food through the gastrointestinal tract. It happens that outbreaks can spread through water channels into which discharges from the intestine of the patient fall. In addition, the virus can be transmitted during the outbreak by a drop route and from person to person.

There was no right way to preventdisease. The main way of prevention was washing and boiling food, washing hands before eating, adherence to hygiene rules. An important activity is the isolation of sick children and the protection of healthy children from sick children. But the isolation was late, the diagnosis of the disease was late, and then the healthy children were infected from the sick.

Currently, a vaccine againstPoliomyelitis. It was first proposed by the American scientist Solcom, she contained a dead polio virus, then it was transformed. But the vaccine was expensive, it was difficult to extract. The capitalist countries did not want to pay the cost of vaccines. In addition, the Salk vaccine would have to be injected with injections. American scientist Sabin found a way to neutralize a live vaccine, while preserving immunizing properties.

Children are so well tolerated inoculations against poliomyelitis that there is no need to observe a two-month interval between taking the vaccine and other vaccinations.

What should I do if the vaccination against polio was not carried out in full?

To ensure full protection, it is necessary to complete the missed vaccinations. If there is no data on the vaccination of the child from poliomyelitis, or they are lost, it is necessary to vaccinate in full.

If vaccination against polio is not done on time?

If the child is not vaccinated, it must be done now,When the likelihood of infection increased. And if the child has health problems and parents are afraid of vaccination, you should contact a specialized vaccination center. The Center for Immunoprophylaxis works at the Children's Science Center for Children if there are deviations in health. Develop a scheme and make vaccinations against the background of the selected therapy, during the remission of the disease. If the parents found any changes in the child's health and think that their child is suffering from polio, one should not panic and go to the pediatrician.

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