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Parenting in children

First skills

So, what needs to be done for education?Independence in children? Of course, it is necessary to begin education at an early age. To begin with, it is necessary to teach the child to independence in the most basic: to wash, brush your teeth, eat. If the kid from the very beginning of his conscious life learns to do these simple manipulations himself, then he will not even have a desire to ask his mother to feed him or wash him.

Learning to help

Children are slightly older, at the age of about fourYears, begins to show a desire to help adults, do what they do. Many parents do not give children, for example, to wash dishes or clean, referring to the fact that they will do it poorly. Such upbringing is fundamentally wrong. Since the child will still someday have to start learning to do housework and initially it will not all work out. But if he is not accustomed to independence, then at an older age it will be much more difficult for you to force him to do something, as he will get used to the fact that his parents must perform all the work. That is why proper upbringing involves doing various household chores, but of course, under the control of parents, to avoid various injuries.

A responsibility

For the development of self-reliance in children usefulCreate the conditions under which the child feels responsible for what he loves. That's why if a baby asks for a pet, you do not have to refuse it. But it is necessary to immediately set clear conditions, explaining that he must take care of the animal himself. Many parents say so, but in the end they start to do everything themselves. This is a big mistake. Thus, children get used to the fact that mom and dad can say one thing, but they will still take responsibility for themselves. Therefore, even if the child is lazy, do not give up and start doing something. Of course, if the animal is not constantly fed or the child's health suffers, do not stand aside. But in any other case, the kid himself must learn to watch the animal. By the way, many parents scream at children, abuse and force. So it is impossible to do. We need to talk with him and explain that the child is the owner of this animal and is responsible for it. And if you are responsible for someone, then you need to monitor him, because if you do not do this, the pet will be hurt and ill.

Development of the student's independence

When a child begins to go to school, developIndependence is necessary both in terms of studies, and in terms of socialization. Many parents do not like to sit with children for a long time for lessons and do tasks for them. Of course, it is sometimes difficult for an adult to fight over a toddler who adds two and three. But if you do not do this, your son or daughter will come to you for life, even when it's about a prescription for a sick person or a drawing for a new building.

And the last thing on which to stop is thisIndependent solution of problems and disputes with peers. Children have a habit of always running to their parents for protection. In this case, moms and dads should clearly understand whether to intervene or not. If you see that the conflict can be resolved without your participation, then explain to the child that you need to defend yourself and defend your opinion in front of other children, as this behavior increases the authority. But, of course, in cases when a child is frankly bullied and he can not fight a whole crowd, parents should intervene so that the psyche and the health of the baby are not affected.

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