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Child Health and Common Sense

Many mothers are so serious aboutThe health of his child, that the slightest scratch, runny nose cause a huge panic. But it is worth remembering that an important component of health is a psychological attitude that directly depends on the mental attitude of the mother and that the mother in herself "carries", is directly displayed on her child. Here it is said about the "golden mean" in relation to the health of the child, which is very important to adhere to. Consider the main criteria for the health of the child, what you need to know and what is important to remember.

The health of a child can be divided into four main groups according to six established criteria.

The first criterion Heredity, that is, geneticPredisposition to certain diseases. In addition, this criterion assesses the course of pregnancy itself, the nature of childbirth, as well as the first month of life of the baby. As a rule, the genetic picture of health is estimated by a geneticist.

The second criterion Is the development of the child of the first year of life, where the main development indicators, such as weight, height, head circumference and chest, are analyzed and others.

The third criterion Takes into account the neurological health of the child.

By the fourth criterion Development of the child's abilities, speech andCommunication. As a rule, the development of these skills is assessed according to a certain table. It is important to remember that there are no clear limits and criteria. That is, every child is a separate person who develops according to his own development program, therefore deviations in one direction or another are not pathologies. Here the whole complex of skills and abilities of the baby is analyzed.

Fifth criterion Takes into account the behavior of the child, his communication with others, emotionality, as he eats, bad habits.

The sixth criterion Is an analysis of acquired chronic diseases in a child, and also takes into account the defects and anomalies of development.

The health group is an indicator that can change throughout life, unfortunately, as a rule, for the worse.

As we can see, the health of the child depends on bothGenetic factors, and from the course of pregnancy, the nature of childbirth, the correct development of the child of the first year of life, as well as the factors of proper care, nutrition, that is, environmental factors.

It is sensible parents who should seriously take care of all matters concerning pregnancy planning, proper nutrition, and also caring for the child himself.

Unfortunately, the process of planning pregnancy is notEntered into the general "habit", nevertheless, it is from the health indicators of future parents at the time of conception that the health of their unborn child directly depends. Proper planning includes:

  • Diagnostics of the state of health of future parents; if necessary, certain diseases must be eliminated;
  • Visiting a dentist,
  • Full rest before conception in nature,
  • Exclusion of the maximum harmful habits (hot drinks, smoking, watching TV, restriction in communication on a mobile phone),
  • The maximum restriction in the use of pharmacological agents and household chemicals,
  • Partial restriction of sexual activity.

The emergence of a new member of the family is veryA crucial stage in the life of young parents. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare for the birth of a baby, knowledge of the rules of care, nutrition, hardening, the basis of the health of the child. It can be said, this is a whole science, which it is necessary to master sensible parents. It is important to combine such two concepts as health and common sense. The child should be attuned to health in terms of preparing parents, where an important role is played by the psychological state that directly determines certain health conditions of the child.

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