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Transportation of premature babies

A child is born before the due date, andThen a newborn needs special care, so that a small person becomes a full member of society. This is a complex and responsible task that requires a jewelry approach, this work is significant and very serious, in comparison with the transportation of elderly patients. When carrying such a child, you need constant diagnosis of his state of health, control over the state of the newborn and timely support of health. If you comply with these requirements, the transportation of a premature baby should be considered safe.

In the company that is engaged in transportationPremature babies, this service is considered special. Mother and child are accompanied by professional doctors, they will at any time provide medical assistance, if needed by the child. Transport is equipped with excellent medical equipment, it is safe and highly reliable, the baby will be in safe hands.

Preterm babies need a specialObservation and care, they are very weak. Sometimes this happens in extreme conditions, and then the baby needs instant help, for further his full life. There are specialists who work on ambulances equipped with special equipment. And qualified doctors will provide the child with the necessary care.

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